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Why Next.js is a best match for startups?

Knowing the significance of Next.JS will be beneficial for businesses as it saves time and effort.

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Here, we will let you know the reasons that make Next.JS a perfect choice for the start-up. However, being a start-up, one should always go wise. Always ask few questions just like:
  • Which technology is best for your business?
  • Why should you select Next.JS?
  • What makes Next.JS more advantageous?
These kinds of questions give you the vision to plan things. As a start-up, no one can afford to take losses at any stage of the process.
Our blog will let you know the role and concept of Next.JS. It will further help you to understand the reasons that make it the best match for start-ups

What is Next.js?

Now, almost all the technocrats are aware of Next.JS. And we do not need to explain much. But to maintain the formality, we need to start with the formal introduction of Next.JS.

It is open-source, based on React front-end development. Vercel is the creator of Next.JS. Further, for React-based web apps, Next.JS supports the features of server-side rendering (SSR) & also creates a static website. 
Also, with the implementation of Next.JS, a developer become capable of creating static as well as dynamic JAMstack websites in a quick time. Because of such great significance, large-scale enterprises work in this technology.
Additionally, as we know, technologies are updated with time, and the same goes for Next.JS. If we talk about its traditional approach, the React-based applications render all their data on the client side.
We all know how much hectic it is! By the time they have made improvisations, and now, the applications perform rendering on the server-side. 

How does the server-side work?

As we have said earlier that Next.JS works on SSR (Server-Side Rendering) in which it creates an HTML page towards each request of the user.
Also, the concept has eliminated the problems of the technical people because client-side rendering makes their process slow.
And Next.JS has given an amazing solution to the world in the format of SSR of React components. Now we will let you know about the process of the SSR in Next.JS. 
Further, during execution Next.JS sends the pre-rendered pages to the browser from the server, by utilizing the least JS (JavaScript) commands.
Additionally, when the browser completes the loading process of the page, JS runs, and the page becomes interactive. Also, the entire process has given the name of Hydration.
Moreover, Next.JS pre-render all the pages by using any of the two ways:
  1. SSG (Static Generation): In the SSG method, HTML generates at the time of build.
  2. SSR (Server-Side Rendering): Here, towards each request, HTML forms. 
Also, using any of the methods depends upon the requirement of an application. Sometimes applications use a combination of both methods in order to complete the demand of the page’s data.

What is Next.js used for?

Because of dynamic significance, IT industries are inclining towards Next.JS. It allows (SSG) Static Site Generation and also improves the SEO score of the website.
Also, by working on the concept of SSR, a developer saves cost and time for the organization.
Further, it allows more time to market the product and increase its awareness. Having these kinds of benefits, we use Next.JS for:
  • React Ecosystem
  • Enhancing the overall performance of the applications
  • Customizing the Open Graph
  • Boosting the SEO score of the web applications
  • Quick generation of static sites
These are some places where developers prefer to work in Next.JS only. Also, when you are getting a more comfortable option for the development, why would you use any complex technology?

Why should I select Next.JS for web development?

Why Next JS
Selecting a technology somehow depends on the requirement of the project. And to choose a technology, you must have knowledge about it.
Also, we have seen many developers who always think implanting the technology that helps them complete the project on time by fulfilling all the demands. 
To support the programmers, here we will let you know the reasons to go with Next.JS. At the same time, we would also say that examine the requirement of your project more precisely and then plan to start the project. 
A better understanding of a project helps you to use a better programming language or framework.
Next.JS makes your web development process smooth and reliable because it offers a more satisfying user experience. Here, let’s have a look at the advantages of Next.JS for web development.

Enhances SEO performance

We all know, people build websites to explore businesses and get more business opportunities. And it is only possible when you have a solid presence at search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 
Next.JS offers better SEO practices and improves the visibility of the website as it works on SSR.
Also, the implementation of Next.JS makes your website more interactive and flexible. We know search engines give priority to an interactive and flexible website.

Persistent Caching 

Next.JS is also advantageous because it holds caches for the uniform web pages. It has offered much relief to the developers.
In previous versions of Next.JS, this feature was not there. And developers had to face lots of troubles.
It happens because whenever they upload applications, users needed to download all the JS and CSS again despite you had not changed the bundles.
Now, the founder, Vercel, has made the improvisations and added persistent caching. Further, it improves the overall performance of the application.

Next.JS supports PWA

As our content revolves around the concepts that can make your start-ups super successful, PWA is one of them.
Basically, PWA (Progressive Web Applications) is the leading software development technology. It is different from the traditional approach of programming.
Basically, PWA is a combination of web pages and mobile applications. Also called a hybrid application.
Further, PWA incorporates the features given by the recent browsers, and thus it became more suitable for the programmers.
PWA has brought a revolution to the IT industry, and when you are a start-up, it may act
as a game-changer for your business. 

You must be thinking, being a start-up, why should you go with PWA?

Have you ever analyzed the parameters at which a start-up depends?
As per our analysis, start-ups always care for client acquisition, investment management, resource management, and cost-saving. PWA offers you benefit at all these parameters. 
Also, PWAs are gaining attention since the time of foundation because they are fast, reliable, and engaging.
Moreover, with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, etc.), these applications are used to generate more interactive and user-friendly interfaces.

Reasons that make PWAs, a perfect choice for start-ups

Takes you among the bigger range of clients
  • More conversion rates.
  • Boost the business revenue.
  • Suits E-commerce businesses.
  • Allow you to reconnect with your clients.
  • Keep your system secure.
As you are a start-up, so always go for the smart choice. It keeps your momentum higher and drives more confidence.
In this context, Next.JS is a fantastic framework if you are approaching PWA.
Also, the technology contains an immense number of APIs along with documentation that will make your development process quick and reliable. 
Also, frequent updates are an integrated part of Next.JS, and they always perform well to enhance the potential of the applications.
Further, we have mentioned in detail in our trending blog What Is the ROI of PWA.

Next.JS supports TypeScript as well as Sass Module

To empower CSS, sometimes the technical team uses Sass that further eases the job of a developer. Also, so many developers prefer to work using TypeScript if they get a chance to use anything other than JS. So, in both formats, Next.JS works amazingly. 
Furthermore, by using Next.JS, you get a chance to import Sass with the extensions either .scss or .sass. Moreover, here you will have the flexibility to utilize component-level Sass through the CSS modules along with module .sass or module .scss extension.
Please Note: In order to use Next.JS built-in Sass support, make sure to install sass.

More time to market the product

Businesses go online in order to earn more by reaching their potential customers. Do you think it will be possible without proper marketing? Not at all.
Specifically, in the present, where competition is at its peak, businesses need to promote their product on a very large scale. Also, marketing demands time, money, effort, consistency, and patience. 
Just imagine a scenario. You have planned to launch your product within 6 months. And you have made all your marketing strategies to start by the end of 4th or 5th month. 
In the first case, suppose your product is not ready for launch even after 6 months. Now, what will happen? You will lose your development as well as marketing investments. Also, financial losses drive tension, stress and sometimes make you impatient. 
In the second case, suppose your product is ready by the 5th month. Now you have one more month to market your product. It gives you energy and confidence as well. You will be able to boost the marketing by using the extra period.
Which one is better? Of course, we all want to be in the 2nd case, and Next.JS makes it possible for you. Next.JS saves development time, effort, and money. It is the reason clients and companies both prefer to go with Next.JS for web development projects.

Security of Data

Data is an essential element of any business. Also, during the development of applications, developers always take great care of data security.
While testing, the QA team makes sure to protect the system from unwanted attacks and hacks. In this series, Next.JS becomes a suitable choice because it protects the data.
As it supports static web pages which means, there is no communication with the database. When there is no exchange of data or other information, then the system will remain safe.

Supports all devices

Users give preference to the applications that support the majority of the applications. And Next.JS fulfills this demand. The applications of Next.JS either, web-based or mobile-based, are always compatible with all the devices. 
This feature makes it accessible for the majority of the users. Hence, compatibility with all the devices makes it more advantageous. 

Conversion rate increases

The conversion rate does not come under the direct benefits of the Next.JS. We know you must be thinking, how can a programming concept drive traffic? So, to avoid your confusion, here is the explanation.
Till now, you must have understood that Next.JS offers quick loading, the best user experience, and easy accessibility. So, guys, all these features contribute to making the application user-friendly.
When you get more users, ultimately, the conversion rate will increase for sure. 
Additionally, when users get a better experience, they refer their known people, and in this way, the application earns name and fame both. As a result, the revenue of the business increases.

Some additional features that make Next.JS best for web development projects

Furthermore, we are very well aware of the vibrant and dynamic features of Next.JS. It offers exceptional performance and a pleasant user experience. Apart from those, there are some additional features that make it even more worthy. 
  • Offers 100% React support.
  • Serves server-side rendering.
  • Twitch your web-pack.
  • Supports Lambda function i.e. API routes.
  • Offers responsiveness.
  • Quick assistance is available on demand.

Pros and Cons of Next.JS

Being a leading Next.JS company in India and overseas, we are responsible to maintain complete transparency about the leading technologies. Here we are mentioning the Pros and Cons of Next.JS for your better judgment.

  • With the help of Next.JS, developers are able to build fast and quick static sites that act as dynamic ones.
  • The evolving technology facilitates a more reliable user experience.
  • The implementation of Next.JS drives more traffic to the application.
  • It also offers community support.
  • It supports SSR as well as SSG. Hybrid of both.
  • Automatic optimization of the images
  • It shows an analysis report based on real-time performance.
  • Reduces the maintenance cost by a great margin.
  • Next.JS has a limitation of poor plugin ecosystem
  • The concept has no in-built state manager.
  • People consider it costly because it involves paid services.
Based on these pros and cons, a developer can decide either to go with Next.JS or not.

Next.JS example

Some bigger brands are working in Next.JS. For a better understanding, we are letting you know about the leading websites. The technology behind these websites is Next.JS:

Final Conclusion

Our blog revolves around the startups for whom Next.JS can be a better technology to complete web development projects. Being a startup, lots of things matter, and hence we should always consider our decisions by thinking about all the risk factors.
We have presented our well-researched blog for the worth of Next.JS in web development. Furthermore, Linearloop always provides web development services using Next.JS. 
Our reliable services have given us recognition in the global market as well. We are getting constant projects from all parts of the world in Next.JS. Also, we have developers having concrete knowledge of Next.JS with decades of experience. 
We always make sure to fulfill the clients’ demand by following the best development services. Hence, if you need to know more about the advantages of Next.JS or anything else, feel free to contact us.
We are here to clear your doubts. Stay safe and keep searching.

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