A Breakthrough Tour: The linearloop Company’s Trip to Ranakpur

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20234 min read

A Breakthrough Tour: The linearloop Company’s Trip to Ranakpur

Apart from salary hikes, what keeps your employees happy? Any idea?

It is the company’s trip where they get a chance to explore new places with their colleagues.  

Moreover, we are known for our annual trip and like every year, we had taken our staff on the most exciting trip. In this blog, we have mentioned our experience and story. So read it completely if you are looking to know where we have gone.

Linearloop is one of the leading software development companies in India & USA where we take care of our team along with the projects as well. We understand mental well-being is the most required thing for this era, hence we keep organizing something special for our team.

Like every year, we organized a trip which was really exhilarating and amazing too. The entire team of Linearloop has visited the well-known “Ranakpur Safari Resort”. The trip was for 2 days & 1 night where we had lots of fun. Each and every moment was so special and framed in our hearts for a lifetime.

Linearloop believes short breaks are always required in order to increase efficiency. To excel the momentum of our teammates from time to time, we take them on trips, organize games, create events, and many more such things.

In 2023, Ranakpur was our destination where we played games, danced on DJ, & enjoyed the pool, etc. We are going to share our feelings about the trip and location of course.

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What was the purpose of the trip?

As we have stated above, trips freshen up our minds, and we all become capable of delivering more satisfactory results. Moreover, money can’t be everything, and life needs entertainment as well. Hence to strengthen our minds, and entertain ourselves, we had organized the trip.

Mind-Boggling Destination:

 Have you ever visited Ranakpur Safari Resort? If not, try it once for sure. Being thrilling and adventurous the location is a perfect place to create moments. Here you will be able to enjoy Wildlife Safari, Horse Riding, Camping & Trekking, Swimming Pools, and Rain Dance.

Isn’t it stimulating? Moreover, their rooms were awesome, where we got all the facilities like In-room dining, Self tea coffee making, Laundry services, Wi-Fi, etc.


At Ranakpur, we all had a great time. We played cricket, and the most compelling part was the DJ. Yeah, we danced a lot. Actually, we danced madly. Really the moments are being missed. Anyway, the nice memories will be everlasting. 

Apart from that, we enjoyed swimming in the pool and the wildlife of Ranakpur resort. Also, we played some indoor games such as Ludoo, Dumb Charades, and Antyakshari. For those who are looking for the best picnic destination in Rajasthan, you must consider Ranakpur.

How was the accommodation there?

What to say, guys? It was really outstanding. The rooms were clean and staff members were too disciplined. They take very good care of us. Moreover, they keep offering their time-to-time services and the entire team was happy with their gesture.

We got all their facilities like AC rooms, Self dining, LED TV, Medical care, Parking space, and many more. The Linearloop team got the best service from the team of Ranakpur resort and we are really thankful to them for making our time extra memorable and special.

How was our welcome?

We got a special drink on our arrival at the resort. It was really delightful and overwhelming. All the welcome arrangements were nicely done.

Furthermore, from time to time, they keep asking for their help. This means it was a nice experience to be at Ranakpur Safari Resort.

Final Thoughts

Our Ranakpur trip was really fantastic, and we were happy because our team was happy. It was really great to spend time with the team members because on trips we get time to know each other personally.

In the office, we all become busy with our projects, and such trips allow us some time to share something on a personal level.

Such trips increase the bond between the employees and also the management. Our team is our strength, and we keep them motivated through such exciting trips. 

So guys, where will be our next location? Please comment! Cheers!

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linearloop Company's Trip to Ranakpur

Mayank Patel
Mayank Patel


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