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A team that’s like a close-knit group, where experts in front-end, back-end, UI/UX design, and DevOps unite. Our carefully selected team members are not just contributors; they’re as dedicated as you are, bringing expertise and commitment to your project. Join us for a collaboration that’s comfortable and familiar, yet inspires new ideas and breakthroughs.

Driving Success with Top-tech Talents

Front-end Team

Equip your company with reliable and user-friendly front-ends for your solutions to cost-effectively and swiftly resolve your industry-specific business challenges.

Linearloop's Front-end department has:

25+ Front-end Developers

10+ years of experience

4.9 rating on Clutch

React JS

Dynamic interfaces with reusable UI components

Next JS

Enhanced React apps with server rendering

Vue JS

Progressive framework for modern web interfaces

Angular JS

Structured framework for dynamic web apps

Hire our pre-vetted tech architects for a successful product launch

We offer a one-stop solution for augmenting your in-house software development team with on-demand access to a vast pool of expert developers & designers. Access to our top-notch development professionals to skip lengthy hiring processes, expedite product launches, and maximize returns instantly.


1.Discovery Call

Get acquainted with your project needs and goals.


2.Team set-up proposal

Receive a tailored plan outlining team structure and workflow.


3.Talent Choice

Handpick skilled professionals aligned with your project requirements.



Formalize the partnership with clear terms and conditions.


5.Team Integration

Seamlessly integrate the augmented team into your existing workflow.

Linearloop's guarantees

Skill Mastery

We assure unmatched expertise, with a commitment to providing teams that uphold the highest standards of technical excellence

Constant Help

Our support is unwavering, available around the clock to ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently at all times

Flawless Delivery

A steadfast promise to deliver superior quality, with a focus on detail that ensures your project outcomes shine

Punctual Success

Upholding a strong record of on-time delivery, we prioritize meeting your deadlines with a reliable and efficient project flow

Chat with our seniors to see if we have a good match


When to choose the dedicated team model?

A large project

For complex, large-scale projects, our dedicated team brings specialized expertise and the ability to scale quickly to meet project demands.

A Startup That Needs to Scale Fast

Startups looking to grow rapidly can leverage our dedicated teams for cost-effective, swift, and scalable solutions, accelerating their market entry.

Businesses prioritize real-time tracking daily

Our dedicated teams ensure complete managerial control, with advanced tracking tools and daily updates for businesses that value real-time progress insights.

BasisTeam Augmentation Full-time hire
Flexible team sizing, up & down
Cost Effectiveness
Long term commitment
Specialized expertise
Access to latest tech stack
Reduced hiring time
Benefit of diverse persepective

Case studies

Saleshandy – Robust Sales Engagement Platform

Saleshandy simplifies email outreach for sales teams, offering automated multi-stage campaigns, personalized messaging, and seamless integrations with popular email services and other tools.


24% Increase in cold email


3M+ Users


30% Reduction in TAT


Accelerated time to market


We reduced Turn Around Time (TAT)from 120 to 72 Hours!

40% Saved

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