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Jupiter - Healthcare Management Web Platform

Jupiter Health is Canada’s leading healthcare platform that offers a faster and more convenient way to access healthcare services compared to traditional methods. We ensure that the process of assessment for the patient is smooth with better accessibility and efficiency. Our developers were committed to a build high-quality solution that provide the best medical services nationwide.

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Increased usability


Shorter wait times


Better user experience

What are the challenges that Jupiter Health was facing?

Earlier Canadians have to wait for a long time to get appointments for healthcare services. That’s why while building the Jupiter Health platform we ensured that it could solve the problem by providing online healthcare services for the health related issues which doesn’t require emergency diagnosis.

We filled the gap between traditional healthcare access and the requirements of Canadians by reducing wait times to get online healthcare services.

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How Linearloop helped?


Due to the geographical barriers, Canadians had limited access to specialists and necessary medical services which led to delays in the treatment.

Traditional healthcare methods struggled to manage non-emergency health issues like pain management and dermatology.

Because of the non-availability of online healthcare platforms, delays in diagnosis and treatment could lead to serious health problems.


Our developers launched this Jupiter Health platform to provide mainly 4 types of healthcare services Pain management, Men’s Sexual Health, Dermatology, and Hair loss.

We organized patient experience with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation to provide faster and more convenient access to healthcare services.

Our developers prioritized the confidentiality and responsibility of the patients while getting online healthcare services.

Jupiter Health - Healthcare Management Web Platform


Mobile Application

Use this Jupiter Health application to stay connected to your healthcare needs and access essential resources anytime, anywhere.

Patient Dashboard

In the Patient Dashboard section, the patients can manage their healthcare journey which includes medical history, appointments, treatment plans, and many more.



Our Process

For the Jupiter Health project, a team of 5 members did start working on it. It is a platform that involves a total of four user apps and once the design was finalized we understood the detailed requirements for each module. After successful development and thorough Quality Assurance (QA) of the product, we ensured a smooth rollout of all healthcare services of Jupiter Health.

We assigned 1 Project Manager, 3 Developers, 1 QA Tester.


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