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Likita - Best Telehealth Medical Platform

Likita is an innovative telehealth platform where healthcare providers and patients can seamlessly connect via video or audio calls. We've devoted considerable effort to crafting a seamless user experience, ensuring convenience for all users. Our team has developed both web and mobile applications for Likita, with the goal of reaching as many users as possible.

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What are the challenges that Likita was facing?

We ensured to provide trouble-free virtual consultations from top-rated healthcare and counsellors according to your comfort. Earlier there was a limited access to quality healthcare especially in rural areas. We worked closely with Likita’s team to smoothly onboard new users and get healthcare services.

We integrated user-friendly interfaces so the users can feel connected and have a better experience.

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How Linearloop helped?


Likita was facing challenges in reaching new users due to its slow interfaces and unappealing UI/UX designs.

It struggled to onboard top-rated healthcare providers and counselors in its early stages.

Especially for Ghanaians, barriers such as long travel times and high medical costs existed.


We developed the Likita platform for flawless access to various healthcare services.

Enabled functionalities like easy appointment scheduling and video/audio calls with doctors.

Patients can enjoy services like mental health, diabetes, marriage & relationship counseling, and dietary & lifestyle advice.

Likita - Healthcare Management Solution


Mobile Application

Explore different types of healthcare services in the app that complement traditional in-person healthcare and offer better patient-doctor communication.

Quality Healthcare Services

Experience unique and high-quality virtual consultations from the highest-rated healthcare service providers as per your needs.



Our Process

Our experts collaborated with Likita’s team to create a platform that fills the gap between patients and healthcare providers. Our developers work extra hours to meet the deadline and create this platform which is ideal for consultations and follow-ups from healthcare service providers. They ensured that the Likita web and mobile app provide user-friendly interfaces for both patients and doctors.

We assigned 1 Digital Architect, 1 Project Manager, 3 Developers, 1 QA Testers, 2 UI/UX Designers.


Likita Reached New Heights with Linearloop’s Tech Expertise

UI/UX Design

Web App Development

App Development

Quality Assurance

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