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KukuFM - India’s Largest Audiobook Platform

KukuFM, a popular Indian audio content platform, offers various podcasts, audiobooks, and audio shows in multiple languages. Our developers successfully migrated the entire KukuFM website to the latest version of the Next.Js framework in a short time, maintaining high code quality and ensuring no downtime.

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What are the challenges that KukuFM was facing?

We ensured that KukuFM won’t face any challenges in the future in onboarding new users. Our developers collaborated with KukuFM’s team to to simplify account and content management for new creators and authors.

Additionally, we implemented a strategic approach to create a Super Admin portal for KukuFM, enabling easy management of all user operations and internal team tasks.

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How Linearloop helped?


KukuFM was facing the challenge to offer the functionality for users to listen shows in multiple languages.

It was also struggling to provide user-friendly interfaces to gain the attention of new users.

Plus, KukuFM was having trouble to offer smooth playback of audiobooks and podcasts across multiple devices.


We solved the language barrier problem and ensured that all the audiobooks are now available in 7+ languages.

We improved the user experience by improving UI/UX design for a smooth navigation process and flawless playback across all devices.

We allocated dedicated resources to KukuFM’s team and started working together to improve the performance of the platform.

KukuFM - India’s Largest Audiobook Platform


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Explore different types of audio stories and original audio shows on India’s most loved audio application with 10+ Million downloads.

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Start listening to the world’s bestsellers, new releases, original shows, and podcasts that will help you build a personalized library that you can listen to anytime.



Our Process

Our team of developers and QA testers was onboarded with KukuFM’s team. They followed an agile methodology, executing a 2-week sprint action plan using Jira software to manage tasks and Bitbucket for smoother code deployment. Our QA testers rigorously tested every sprint task to maintain code quality before deployment.

We assigned 1 Digital Architect, 1 Project Manager, 3 Developers, 2 QA Testers, 2 UI/UX Designers.


KukuFM Reached New Heights with Linearloop’s Tech Expertise

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