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HealthO - Best Healthcare Management Web App

HealthO is a healthcare management tool developed for the healthcare industry, is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of Silver Linings Healthcare (SLHC). Crafted by our proficient developers, it leverages modern technologies to create a seamless platform that ensures flawless patient care and optimizes healthcare operations.

Technologies: Next.Js (Front-end), Loopback (Back-end), MongoDB (Database), Redis (Queue)



Reduction in infrastructure cost


Better patient management


Growth in uptime maintenance

What are the challenges that HealthO was facing?

Our programmers assured that HealthO can handle Real-time orders more efficiently. We implemented the Checklist functionality so that users can manage multiple views like calendars, tables, and lists with real-time updates. Ensured that the HealthO platform followed the standards of HIPPA to offer effective user interfaces that are mobile-friendly.

We provided the functionality to smoothly manage various medical equipment and products.

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How Linearloop helped?


Earlier HealthO was facing challenges to manage data like orders, tasks, and checklists by using multiple platforms.

In the existing portal of HealthO, a direct line of communication between doctors and patients was absent, hindering their ability to connect and engage with one another.

It was also having difficulties in ensuring data security and privacy while handling sensitive medical information.


We streamlined the communication channels between healthcare providers and users to provide better healthcare coordination.

HealthO platform also received positive feedback from the users that shows improved satisfaction and better experience.

Linearloop’s programmers implemented Dynamic PDF generation functionality configured with medication incidents.

HealthO - Best Healthcare Management Web App


Mobile Application

Go through HealthO’s user-friendly application to get different types of healthcare services effortlessly at your fingertips.

Customer and Patient Association

See how this HealthO platform optimized workflows by creating a robust system for customer and patient association for a better healthcare system.


The team of 4 members did start working on this HealthO project. We did thorough research and development to understand the requirements and ensure timely delivery. Following agile methodology, we discussed backlog issues with the clients to finalize the sprint product. Based on this, a design was finalized, and then our developers executed this sprint into flawless code.

We assigned 1 Project Manager, 2 Developers, 1 QA Tester.


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