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From concept to deployment, we tailor AI solutions for startups & enterprises, maximizing efficiency, innovation, and scalability.

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AI Strategy and Consulting

Our team provides expert advice to help you navigate and implement AI, ensuring it aligns with your business objectives for maximum impact.

AI-Driven Product Innovation

We enhance your products with intelligent features, improving user interaction and satisfaction, and driving your business forward.

AI Integration and Optimization

We streamline the incorporation of AI into your existing systems, boosting efficiency and scalability to meet your evolving business needs.

Custom AI/ML development solutions

01. Generative AI (LLM)

02. NLP

03. Sentiment Analysis

04. Computer Vision

05. Time Series Analysis

06. Recommendation Engine (CRE&PRE)

07. Predictive analytics solution

08. Lead Scoring

Generative AI (LLM)

Our Generative AI service, powered by Large Language Models (LLM), creates new content based on existing data. Whether it's generating text, images, or music, we leverage cutting-edge technology to produce innovative and high-quality outputs tailored to your needs.

Benefits of deploying AI/ML solutions & development

Enhanced User Experience

AI personalizes interactions, making services intuitive and user-friendly, leading to higher satisfaction and engagement.

Improved Product Efficiency

AI optimizes product performance, ensuring faster, more reliable outcomes with less resource waste.

Data-driven Decision-making

AI analyzes data to provide actionable insights, helping make informed, accurate business decisions.


AI adapts to growing business needs, easily handling increased workloads without compromising quality.

Discover your ideal AI match with our custom solutions designed to fit your unique business needs seamlessly.


Aligning Technology with Business Objectives



With a deep understanding of healthcare workflows and regulatory requirements, we ensure that our AI solutions meet the highest quality, security, and compliance standards in the healthcare industry.

Diagnostic Imaging AI

Chatbots and Virtual Health Assistants

Drug Discovery and Development

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Who We Are

We are a team of AI enthusiasts committed to delivering smart, tailored AI solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business, enhancing efficiency and innovation.


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What Drives Us?

Our motivation is seeing you succeed. We’re driven by the challenge of solving complex problems with AI, providing solutions that add real value to your business.

Case studies

Betterbugs – Smart Bug Reporting Tool

Ensure hassle-free bug reporting and streamline team productivity with Betterbugs! Capture and resolve bugs in no time with comprehensive reports and instant troubleshooting.

1M+ Users

Increasing users' productivity by 120%

Daily Active Users increased by 60%

30% Increase in customer retention


Our Tech Stack

Jupyter Notebook

Interactive, collaborative data science platform.

Visual Studio

Comprehensive development environment for software.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Reliable, scalable cloud computing services.

Google Cloud

Innovative cloud solutions with Google’s infrastructure.

Collaborate for a custom AI-powered mobile or web application and add value to customer experience.


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