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BetterBugs - Advanced Bug Reporting Tool

BetterBugs streamlines bug reporting by seamlessly integrating into workflows, simplifying the process like taking a screenshot. It automatically compiles detailed bug reports, including console logs and device specifics, empowering engineers to resolve issues swiftly. Our smooth integration with top issue trackers eliminates tedious back-and-forth, streamlining communication and boosting team productivity.

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What are the challenges BetterBugs was facing?

BetterBugs faced several challenges in the realm of bug reporting within software development. These included outdated processes leading to slow bug reporting, the absence of AI in tools hindering automation efficiency, and the lack of analytics for tracking user behavior, which collectively impeded their ability to streamline operations and deliver optimal value to users.

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How Linearloop helped?


Bug reporting was sluggish, lacking automation.

Bug categorization was manual, slowing down processes.

User behavior tracking was rudimentary, lacking analytics.


Bug reporting streamlined with AI, boosting efficiency.

Automated bug categorization sped up processes.

Analytics tools enabled informed decisions with deep user behavior insights.

BetterBugs - Where Bugs Meet Their Match with AI Prowess


Mobile Application

Boost efficiency, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights with BetterBugs. Say hello to seamless teamwork and goodbye to bug-induced headaches!

Level Up Your Debugging Game In No Time

Level up your debugging game with BetterBugs! Turn slow hunts into lightning-fast missions. Say goodbye to tedious tasks, hello to smoother debugging for your team!



Team Formation

Over 1.5 years, our team of 10 embarked on a development process. We began with market research and competitor analysis, guiding our decisions. Also, we have interviewed testers and QAs, understood their daily challenges, and collected industry-wide data on prevalent QA issues which helped us to integrate user-centric features. We integrated AI for bug reporting and accuracy, and used analytics tools like Mixpanel, Metabase, and Google Analytics for user insights.

We deployed a team of 5 engineers, UI/UX designers, and a quality analyst.Start building your team today!


BetterBugs - Leading the Charge Towards a Bug-Free Future

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