MongoDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL

Comparison Between MongoDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL

Database drives the functionalities of an application, and if we say a database is a backbone of an application, it will not be wrong. Further, there are various databases like Mongo, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. are available, but the developer should be smart enough to select the logical database technology.
Being a database development company in India, we always let people know any technical aspect from depth. In the same series, here will discuss the comparison between MongoDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL in terms of their performance.
However, firstly we should understand each of the databases individually and afterward, will summarize their differences.


The database is free of cost and belongs to the traditional database concept that we call ORDBMS (Object-Relational Database Management System).

The database gained attention because of its extensibility. Some specific functions and procedures that do not execute using either MySQL or Mongo DB are possible with PostgreSQL.

Also, at Linearloop we have a PostgreSQL database server to develop projects without any hurdles. We also have experts, and you can hire PostgreSQL developers easily.

Features that make PostgreSQL in demand:

Feasibility and Compatibility: If a system is compatible with various operating systems, it automatically gains attention. The same has happened here. The database is compatible with different operating systems like Unix, Windows, and many more.
Extension: In PostgreSQL, developers can add multiple extensions to one server that make functions more effective. In a single time frame, the system handles these extensions.
Follows ACID approach: As per DBMS, ACID means Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. 
  • Atomicity: Atomicity refers, Either commits the entire transaction or no transaction at all.
  • Consistency: Maintenance of data integrity constraints comes under Consistency. It means either the change will maintain the integrity of data and cancel it completely.
  • Isolation: Isolation refers, the read and writes of one transaction, will not be impacted by the other. It is considered to be in a serial format.
  • Durability: Under the Durability concept, the successful commits will be permanently implemented in the system.

Here, it shows that PostgreSQL can recover the application from failure in a structured format. Hence PostgreSQL further eases the life of a programmer because data remains in the right state always.


With the evolution of technology, various databases are in concept now, and MongoDB is one of them. It is a no-schema, cross-platform database. Technocrats also call them as NoSQL program.

Further, the database is in trend, and most of the IT companies are working using MongoDB as backend technology. We are also offering MongoDB development services in India and the USA.

Our clientele is available in all the verticals of the globe. Further, the database has its free as well as enterprise version.

Features that make MongoDB in demand:

The duplicity of data: MongoDB has the ability to run on more than one server simultaneously. Hence if data of one server is lost because of any problem, it will be saved on the other. It saves a lot of data recovery time.
Query Performance: Using MongoDB becomes significant because it supports regular expressions, ranges queries, and field queries. Here, queries enable you to get particular fields and user-defined functions. The concept is possible with MongoDB because it indexes BSON documents and follows MQL (MongoDB Query Language)
Magnificent Storage Capacity: MongoDB is renowned because of its storage capacity as it can store a substantial volume of data without disturbing the speed or creating any other complications.
Handling of AD-HOC queries: The database system is capable to handle AD-HOC queries efficiently. Further, AD-HOC queries are those having non-standard inquiries of any language. Such queries are supported here without any issue.


MySQL is a widely used database system across the world. Further, it is open-source, and that is why it became the developer’s choice. Oracle has developed MySQL that follows RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

Data is structured in the format of rows and columns. Moreover, Linearloop is one of the leading MySQL database development companies in India and the USA, and we have delivered many projects using the database.

Features that make MySQL in demand:

Holds Client-Server Method: Here, communication with the server is comfortable because of its uncomplicated structure. Moreover, a team can work using LAN (local area network) from their PCs.
Interface: The interface is large and very flexible to use. Many developers find themselves comfortable using MySQL.
Speed and Compatibility: MySQL is compatible with many programming languages like Java, PHP, C, C++, etc. Moreover, it offers speed to the application that further saves lots of time.
So far, we have understood the concepts and features of each of the databases, and now to understand MongoDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL performance, we are sharing our comparison chart. The chart highlights their difference, and the developer will be able to draw a conclusion

MongoDB vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL Performance

Key Feature
Model of Database
Document Store
Main WebSite and Technical Documentation Link
Founder OR Developer
PostgreSQL Global Development Group
MongoDB, Inc
Year of Launch
Support for XML
Server-Side Scripts
user defined functions
Foreign Keys

Like always we say, each technical concept whether it is a programming language or database management system has its own significance. Selecting them depends solely on the requirement of a project.

As far as Linearloop is concerned, we are a recognized MySQL database development company. Moreover, we are also offering MongoDB & PostgreSQL database development services. Feel free to shoot your queries.

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