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Linearloop Is Now Associated With LoopBack: Biggest Achievement of 2022

Hey! We are super excited as we are associated with LoopBack!
Linearloop is really very proud and happy because the beginning of 2022 was mind-blowing. Our consistent performance and dedicated work process have given us this biggest achievement.
Words are not enough to express our gratitude & achievement. But we are literally thanks to all the people associated with us. Further our dynamic team is our constant strength and this achievement will definitely not be possible without them.
We also believe that achievements come with responsibility and we make sure to offer the best backend web development services in India. Let’s know LoopBack in a better way.
So, guys, let’s collect some information about Loopback in Node JS.

What is Loopback in Node JS

Basically, it is a highly extensible and open-source Node.JS framework. Further, the Loopback framework is based on Express, which allows developers to develop dynamic REST APIs.
It is also compatible with the backend system and connects to databases & with SOAP or REST services.
Further, with Loopback, developers get the flexibility to implement CRUD REST APIs for any individual model. Additionally, there is no need for manual coding because all the executions are done through commands in CLI.
Loopback team has released the latest version that is Loopback 4, and it includes the following:
  • It drives more flexibility & extensibility written in TypeScript/ES2017.
  • To define REST APIs & handle API requests/responses, Loopback 4 has creation experience.
  • The latest version has a programming model along with dependency injection. Further, it also drives concepts as mixins, components & repositories.
  • Loopback 4 supports GraphQL through OASGraph.

A Great Opening of 2022

Linearloop is one of the fastest-growing Node JS development companies in India & the USA. And our pace of growth gets accelerated when we get appreciated for our work.
Getting associated with an outstanding corporate like LoopBack is really a dream come true for all of us. We have started just a few years back and we have achieved this recognition.
Further, we know the rate of competition in the IT industry and we have led the competition through our superior services. Additionally, we promise to keep improvising our services. And from here you can hire node js developer in India and USA.
The ultimate aim is to offer focused and result-oriented business solutions to our clients. Also, association with Loopback has given us immense positive energy and boosted our morale to keep doing the excellent work.

Our Vibrant Presence at LoopBack

These links and photos keep us motivated and we are sharing the same for your reference. The entire team of Linearloop is happy and ready to keep delivering a quality solutions. Have a look at our attainment.

Loopback developer in india & USA
Loopback developer in india & USA
From The Desk of Our Founder:
This is just the beginning!
Being an owner of Linearloop, I would take an opportunity to congratulate the entire team. I know their enthusiasm and passion for the work and I am not all surprised with this achievement.
Because I knew they are born to do wonders. But they have achieved this accomplishment in a short period of time and that is really commendable. Linearloop is now associated with LoopBack and this is the great beginning of the year 2022.
Once again I am thankful to the higher authority of LoopBack who have recognized our potential and associated with us. Also, I am confident that my team will keep doing incredible works and this is just the beginning!

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