MongoDB 5 new features

What is New Feature in MongoDB 5?

What are the new features in MongoDB 5?

Have you heard MongoDB has launched its version 5.0? If you are still unaware, our content will help you for sure. Here we have covered all the updates that have been announced at the MongoDB event.
The implementations are made to ease all the complications faced by the developers during data management. As a result of which the productivity and outcome both have improved by a huge margin.
Initially, developers take too much time to execute the task and now with the help of a new update, it will be done frequently.
Moreover, the new updates are also helpful for hybrid software for which people were waiting. Overall the new update of MongoDB 5 brings quality, productivity, security, and maintains the privacy of the data as well.
Now let’s move to know about the updates in detail so that you could ease the task of your database management.

New Features of MongoDB 5:

The president and CEO of MongoDB Dev Ittycheri has shared the announcement through these words. “Today’s announcements remove even more friction and complexity from the developer experience and enable developers to build innovative and highly scalable applications for a wide range of use cases faster than on any other platform.”

Here are the new changes are done in MongoDB 5:

Native time-series features:
MongoDB has realized a problem with time-series data. Because of the time and high ingestion rates, the developer was bound to work using bulky data.
Sometimes developers became fed up because of large volume data because the data upends with negligible updates. And this is the reason, all the queries are dependent on the time-based filters.
Now, version 5 of MongoDB has brought relaxation because it is featured with clustered indexing and window functions. Both of these implementations make the execution process fast because developers will be able to create and run the applications of time series.
Furthermore, this new native time-series feature is dedicatedly designed for financial analytics and IoT applications.
Here, For low latency queries, more storage efficiency, and real-time analytics, the optimization of the schema is done automatically.
So developers are not required to take any kind of headache to manage their database under the given scenarios.
Advantages of Native time-series features:
The new update is quite significant and here are some leading advantages are like:
  • Reduction of index size and IO.
  • Improvised operational performances.
  • Minimized storage sizes.
  • Time series data lifecycle can be managed by online archiving.
Seamless data redistribution (Live Resharding):
A problem is analyzed while sharing the data because sometimes its management becomes challenging. With the previous concept of sharding, a huge number of datasets were shared through a cluster of databases.
Additionally, the handling of the developer’s request was also done at the same time. Overall the process becomes too lengthy and takes time as well.
The new implementation of MongoDB 5 allows you to get rid of the issue. Here the concept of live resharding is introduced that helps developers to change the shared key.
Doing this will scale out the workload without any hindrance. Keep changing the shared key as the workload evolves for the required collection on-demand with no downtime of the database. Also, there is no need to worry about complex migrations within the dataset.
Multi-cloud works for security (client-side encryption)
Data security is the biggest concern of the industry and to strengthen the security of data, MongoDB 5 has been launched. The concept has introduced client-side encryption to protect their data and privacy.
Users will get more assurance of their data security from unwanted hacks. In the new version of MongoDB, the drivers of MongoDB encrypt the sensitive field of the information on the application side.
As a result, the data is always encrypted whether it is in-motion, in-memory, or at-rest. There is no need to put various security protocols for data protection.
Now the MongoDB itself takes the responsibility to maintain the highest possible security of the crucial data.
Serverless database on MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB is anywhere or everywhere)

We know you find it interesting because this new update has eased the developer’s life. The concept gives more flexibility to the users. They are only required to select their cloud region.

Afterward, they are free to start developing and mapping their information into code. Also, the system offers full support and one is not required to get worried about compatibilities and various upgrades. The freedom offered here is hard to get anywhere else.

Linearloop and MongoDB version 5

Like always, Linearloop aggressively adopted the new changes and practically implemented them. We work using MongoDB for our data management task because it gives us more flexibility by bringing out the expected outcome.
We are a leading Mongo DB development company in India and across the globe as well. Our experts are very much comfortable with the new version of MongoDB.
Being a technocrat, our aim is to develop a project by following the best practices. Also, we believe, technologies are enhanced for a superior and smart world.


So, guys, this is all about the recent updates of MongoDB. If you work on the technology, you must follow the new update. It will ease the development work and also makes it more agile.

Let us know if you are looking to know more. We will be more than happy to help.

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