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Hapi vs Express: Best Node.js Framework Comparison

Hapi and Express are the leading Node.JS frameworks but when developers need to choose the best out of these two, the game becomes challenging.
Being an experienced Node JS web development company in India, we believe both technologies have their own significance and usability.
In order to ease the life of the developers, we are sharing the concrete comparison of both the frameworks on the basis of various parameters such as scalability, reliability, performance, architecture, etc.
So, guys, if you are searching for Hapi vs. Express 2021, here you go.
As we know, both the concepts are based on Node JS, and hence to decide which one is superior, needs an intelligent decisive approach.
Although they share lots of features in common there are some significant differences. On one side, Express needs middleware for the parsing of objects while Hapi does not need middleware to do so.
There are many such differences in Hapi and Express that we will learn in the coming sections. But before that, we are sharing an outline of both the technologies so that your fundamentals can be strong.

Overview of Express

Express is a server-side framework written in JavaScript. Further, it is open-source and part of MEAN, MERN, and MEVN stacks. Also, to facilitate smooth and fast web development, the framework offers middleware packages, routing features, template code, and plugins.
Apart from that, to make an application easily customized, Express JS allows third-part integrations of libraries along with required features. Also, when it comes to hire Express JS developers in India, Linearloop is your ultimate destination.
Moreover, we have developed and delivered many projects in Express JS for our overseas and Indian clients. Additionally, we offer complete support even when the project is delivered.
Because of our consistent approach and quality development, we became a leading Node JS development company in India.
As per the analytics, Express is the 10th most used and demanding framework. Also, approx. 193550 websites are developed using the framework.
Some prominent applications developed, using Express are Twitter, Uber, IMBD, Accuweather, etc.

Overview of Hapi

Hapi (Http API) as the name says, is a JavaScript framework that facilitates API development services for the servers. Most of the features are similar in Hapi and Express JS, yet they hold solid differences.
As far as Hapi is concerned, it comes with built-in authorization such as basic-auth, token-based, cookie-based authentication schemes.
One interesting thing about this Node JS framework, which you might not know, Walmart handles peak traffic of Black Friday sales with Hapi. Further, it provides client and server-side caching through catbox along with routing of API and web application.
Some popular applications developed in Hapi are Alphamantis, Modules, GetHuman, Octovis Liaison, PayDash, Postmile, MasteryJS, and Colonizers.

Comparison between Hapi and Express


On the parameter of popularity, Hapi and Express holds the data as mentioned
Stars at Github
13.4 K
So, by considering the above record, Express won the contest in terms of popularity because it has more stars and users as compared to Hapi. Further, the popularity of any framework is an influential factor because it defines the range of support available.


Another parameter for Express Vs. Hapi 2021 is their performance and speed
As per Fastify’s Hello World benchmark, Express executes 12268 requests per second whereas Hapi executes 27853 requests per second.
The rate of processing is more than double with the Hapi framework. We know the comparison is based on a simple “Hello World” example but, it is enough to differentiate the speed and performance of both technologies.


Architecture also plays an important role because it decides the flow of development. Hence, we will discuss the Architecture of both frameworks of Node JS.
Express does not have any defined architecture as a result of which developers get the flexibility to conduct their own flow for the development. However, MVC (Model-View-Controller) is the preferred architecture type for Express.
As far as Hapi is concerned, its approach is plugin-centric. Basically, it supports MVC architecture incorporates a plugin for the configuration of runtime through code.
If we talk about the final call, Express is a little less preferred. Also, both concepts are capable, extensible, and adaptable.

Support and Documentation:

The developer prefers any technology only when he or she gets complete support with proper documentation. So our next criteria for the comparison is their support and documentation.
The website of Express is minimal but still, it offers premium quality support. It shares all the required tutorials and resources that help the technical team. Further, here you will get a large range of communities for quick support.
As far as Hapi’s support and documentation are concerned, they also offer excellent support, and their documentation is amazing. Even beginners get proper help because their tutorials and other materials are easy to grasp.
So both the technologies are neck to neck in case of support and documentation.


Security is something that matters a lot because no one wants any breach with a client’s data. Hence we are comparing Express and Hapi on the basis of their level of security.
Actually, both frameworks offer the highest possible security in order to protect the application from external threats. We cannot select any one of them on the basis of security because both are ultimate.
So again, here is the tie. If only security is a concern, you can go for any of the technologies.
Hapi Vs Express: Which one is better?
Hapi Vs Express performance is mentioned above on the basis of certain parameters. Also, as we have said earlier, each technology has its own worth. And their selection is completely dependent upon the requirement of the project.
Further, Linearloop is one of the renowned Node JS development companies in India & the USA, and here we have experts of Express and Hapi. We choose specific technology by analyzing the demand of the project.
Being your reliable service partner, our ultimate aim is to deliver quality, focused, and result-oriented solutions.
Also, we collect minute details from clients, and after that, our experts go for the required technology. Further, you can check our portfolio for reference. So guys, if you are looking to hire Node JS developers in India, we are here for you.
Further, if you have any queries related to the Node JS framework or any other evolving technology, feel free to connect. We are always at our toes to assist you guys on priority.
Stay Home and Stay safe in this pandemic!

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