NodeJS vs PHP: Which One is Better for Backend Development

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20235 min read

NodeJS vs PHP: Which One is Better for Backend Development

We are living in an automated world and software development is an integral part of it. And when we talk about software development, it covers the front end as well as the back end.

Our blog will revolve around comparing the two leading backend development technologies i.e. PHP and NodeJS.

So, if you are browsing for NodeJS vs PHP is the right place. Also, being an experienced software development company in India and USA, we always say, each technology or programming concept has its own worth. Nothing is purposeless. 

The ultimate aim behind any technology is to meet the requirements of the project conveniently. Moreover knowing each of them will be helpful for decision-making.

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A Quick Glance: PHP vs Node JS

PHP is a server-side script language and its full form is Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is an open-source found in the year 1994.

The language has gained a lot of attention since the time of its foundation. And if we talk about data, approximately 78.9% of the websites are developed in PHP.

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Furthermore, if we talk about Node JS, is a cross-platform open-source that runs JS (JavaScript) code. Ryan Dahl developed the concept in 2009. The main agenda behind the foundation of NodeJS is to facilitate fast, scalable, and robust web applications.

With Node JS, developers get the flexibility to write command-line tools and server-side scripting using JS. Here the JavaScript code runs beyond the boundaries of the browsers.

Apart from that, NodeJS synchronizes the activities of web development through the implementation of JavaScript.

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So, from the above-written content, you may have an idea that both PHP and Node JS work differently. We can say, PHP is easy to implement whereas the concept of NodeJS revolves around performance and it gives multiple options for the organization of the data.

Now we will dive into a detailed comparison including PHP and Node JS performance benchmarks.

As we know, the backend of software is the same as the backbone of the body, so we need to strengthen the backend by implementing the most suited and powerful technology.

Programming Speed:

The first parameter, at which we will compare PHP and Node JS is coding speed. Developers find PHP to be faster than Node JS. And it is true, an experienced developer can code faster in PHP compared to Node JS because PHP does not need compilers or converters. 

With PHP, developers get the flexibility to establish simple connections to the SQL database without any hosting elements.

And in the case of Node JS, application deployment becomes more sophisticated because it runs the environment quickly by keeping the workload on the server low.

Furthermore, with NodeJS, maintaining a two-way connection website with free data exchange is possible. As a result, developers save lots of time if they are dealing with multiple threads.


The speed of coding is faster in PHP and it can be a solution if an instant solution is required. But if your project demands efficient and sustainable results, Node JS should be adopted.


PHP renders a slower loading process and hence its performance is not as Node JS.

Node JS has no waiting downtime and it offers real-time data efficiently. So, when it comes to the execution of code and performance, Node JS gets the point. 


Moreover, being an experienced Node JS development company in India, we recommend using Node JS if you are dealing with complex and large-scale projects.


The extensibility of PHP is good and because of its combination with HTML it is widely used for many content management engines like WordPress and Drupal. Moreover, it leads to easy and cost-effective development.

Furthermore, you can also extend PHP with LAMP technology like SQLite, MySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL, and MS-SQL. Moreover, it can also be extended with non-relational databases such as MongoDB, Redis, and ElasticSearch.

Node JS works using JavaScript and it can easily be extended with HTML, Ajax, and XML. Furthermore, there are many JS frameworks & instruments with Node JS and Node JS is a well-known server-side framework. 

Additionally, it has many inbuilt package managers which are called Node Package Managers. And it is the largest software catalog with 650,000 free code packages.


Depending upon the parameter of Extensibility, Node JS gains the point here. But again, we will bring one thing to the notice, always select the technology depending upon the requirement of your project.


As we have said earlier, PHP is easier as compared to other backend technologies and because of this reason, the majority of websites are developed using PHP.

As far as its functionalities are concerned, PHP is considered as a dynamically developing programming language because developers always come up with new ideas and stuff of development.

If we talk about the functionality of Node JS, it is a better approach than PHP because it has all the required functions under one roof.

Hence developers prefer working with Node JS because of a seamless package without fragmentation of functionalities.


Here we can say a draw because both concepts are equal in terms of functionalities. They facilitate all the needs efficiently.

Final Words

PHP and Node JS, both are in demand and efficient backend technologies. Selecting any of them is dependent upon the project’s requirements.

Using our best practices, we have shown the comparison between Node JS and PHP. We hope you will be able to connect.

Moreover, reach us if any query comes up! Have a great time ahead!

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