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How To Make Your NodeJS Application Secure?

We all are quite aware of the popularity of Node.js as a backend web server. Mostly, IT companies are preferring the technology to deliver powerful and result-driven business applications. With so much facilitation, Node.JS is gaining immense popularity in this techno era.
When things are popular and in demand, security becomes essential because hackers try to disturb such frameworks.
Also, being a responsible software development company in India & USA, we should keep you updated about the best practices in Node.js applications to make them more secure & reliable.
Let’s move towards the ways that protect your Node.js business application from unwanted hacks. Further, if any doubt comes, feel free to contact us.

1. Validation of incoming JSON Schemas

It’s a common practice that hackers keep trying multiple combinations of the data input in order to take control of an application. Hence developers are recommended not to take such things lightly and validate each incoming request.
Also, verify the source of the request and whether it is expected or not. However, Node.js developers can use joi or Jsonschema to protect the code from external attacks. They are lightweight JSON-based validation that keeps the code secure.

2. Query Injections Validation

SQL Injection is one of the most popular attacks. During SQL injections, attackers execute SQL statements on the database. These kinds of attacks become possible when developers don’t implement the required code to protect the system.
Also, we are fully aware that Node.js takes information through the data provided by the user and incorporates it directly in the SQL statement. Hence, we need to be careful because it can damage the entire application because all functionalities are dependent upon the database.

3. Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is very similar to the SQL injection that we have studied above. In this scenario, the hacker executes JavaScript code instead of sending malicious SQL.
Do you know why does it happen? The reason is the same as above. The input is not validated as a result of which attackers get a chance to disturb the application. So developers should not ignore such instances and take appropriate action to counter their false deeds.

4. Strong Authentication

Another common vulnerability seen in the applications is a lack of authentication. Developers either implement weak or broken mechanism of authenticity that further gives access to attackers to control the system.
Weak authentications are an opportunity for hackers and they can bypass it easily. We know technology is growing. And the negative aspect of technology is also growing with the positive. Hence developers should maintain tight authenticity in the application and it should not be breached.
As per the best practices in Node JS developers should use “Okta” or “OAuth” kind of authentication. Also, you should not implement a Node.js built-in crypto library while making passwords. You should use “Bcrypt” or “Scrypt”.
Further, developers should focus on limiting the wrong login attempts. They should also not generate information whether the username or password is incorrect. Failed login should also generate a general error message “Invalid Login”.

5. Errors should not reveal all information

Being a trusted service partner and Node.js outsourcing development company, we recommend smart error handling. Make sure the errors should not return the complete detail. Further, you should wind up it with the “catch” clause.
To strengthen the part, be assured that Node.js will not crash when an error is generated. By following it, you will safeguard your application because now attackers will not get any information through their malicious requests.

6. Execute Automatic Vulnerability Scanning

Node.js developers and companies are pretty well aware that the frame comes with multiple modules & libraries. Lots of them are used during application development and it further creates space for the security breach.
To protect the system developers are required to run automated vulnerability scans frequently. The process enables the team to get information about the dependencies along with the vulnerabilities.

7. Remove Data Leaks

The functionality of an application plays its game between the front end and back end. The command is given from the front-end, following the same, the backend generates the response.
But validating each front-end request is the primary job. Also, what information is being processed from the backend should also be monitored.
Also, attackers can easily access the hidden data hence we need to implement the code smartly. The point will be clearer with an example.
Suppose, you want to get the list of clients who have registered to buy cars. A SQL query is executed and all the information is captured. Now you are sending it all at the front end with the filter of first name and last name.
You are assuming all the data like email address, date of birth, address, contact number, etc. are hidden but attackers are smart enough to capture those details. And it is called data leakage.
Hence always try and bring the required data from the backend. Unnecessarily there is no need to drag all and hide them.

8. Node.js should be a Non-Root User

Do you know attackers get the maximum power when they have root access? They can divert the traffic to the other servers. As we know, technology is developed with maximum possible security features, and Node.js is executed as a non-root user by default.
But it offers limitless access and that is not healthy. Hence, we recommend following non-root users or you can also convert it into a docker image. The activity saves your system and does not give any power to the hackers.

Final Thoughts

Secure applications are the foremost expectation of a client and developers should meet their expectations at any cost. Also, to maintain a client’s trust and privacy we must not allow attackers to gain access to the application.
Linearloop is a leading Node.js development company in India and USA and we always encourage our team to develop secure, smart, robust, and goal-oriented business applications.
We keep organizing training so that developers could learn the new technical concepts and deliver the best.
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Moreover, if you have any queries regarding best practices in Node.js, our team is available to help. We are easily reachable through emails. Feel free to connect. Keep browsing the page to know more about the IT industry. Stay safe! Stay healthy.

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