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Node.js vs Python: Which Backend Technology to choose in 2021?

Developers cannot decide on any backend technology depending on their choice because it must be as per the demand of the project. While planning for web app development, it may be possible that you find Node.JS beneficial for the project.

On the other hand, there are many other web development services that demand Python. Hence depending on the project demand, developers choose the required backend and front technology.

The ultimate aim is to execute the project on time by meeting the complete requirement.

In this blog, we will compare Node.JS Vs. Python for backend technology on various parameters. As a result, you will get to know which one is better and when. See, nothing can always be good or bad.

The same applies to these technical aspects as well. So let’s analyze Node.JS Vs. Python and see which is better.


Architecture is one of the important parameters that is always considered while choosing any backend technology. Hence, Architecture is our first parameter based on which we will compare Node.JS vs. Python.

  • Node.JS: The architecture of Node.JS is event-driven that further supports input and output. On execution of any event, the invoked program makes sure that no program should stop the running thread.  Also, there is no need for resources and memory in Node.JS, because here, a single thread can handle multiple requests.
  • Python: The architecture of Python is completely different from Node.JS. With the implementation of certain tools, the technology can be made asynchronous event-driven. With the module “asyncio”, one can write the asynchronous code. Also, there is some extra effort is required because most of the frameworks of Python do not have this feature.


If we focus on Architecture, here Node.JS will be preferred over Python.

Libraries & Dev Tools

Now we will compare the technologies based on their libraries and dev tools.

  • Node.js: If we work on Node.js, we get well-structured and comprehensive libraries through Node Package Manager. Moreover, the technology becomes more advantageous because of 350,000 packages and it is the world’s largest repository of packages.
  • Python: Pip Installs Packages (PIP) manage the Python libraries. Few libraries are properly documented and their deployment is simple. As technology evolves, the new libraries are not structured and documented as expected.


Hence based on libraries and development tools, Node.JS becomes the choice.


Node.JS Vs Python performance has been analyzed here and a final conclusion is drawn for better performance. Hence if you are planning for web app development, keep this parameter in mind.

  • Node.JS: The speed of Node.JS is phenomenal and this is the reason for which Node.JS gets preference. Here, the JavaScript is converted via the V8 engine and hence its speed becomes outstanding. Also, Node.JS executes code outside of your browser as a result of which the application utilizes lesser resources. It also enhances the performance of the application.
  • Python: As we know, JavaScript and Python are interpretive programming languages and they are a little slow in comparison to Node.JS. Also, Python is a single-flow programming language and hence the handling of requests is not as fast as Node.JS. Request handling process is a little sluggish in Python.


Based on the performance, Node.JS wins here. It is fine, Python is simple to understand but speed is the concern here. So if performance is the parameter, the web application development services should go with Node.JS.


Now the comparison of Python and Node.JS is done on the basis of their scalability. So let’s have a look.

  • Node.JS: Here, the developers will have the flexibility to create a collection of microservices. Each module will use the compact system and also execute its individual operations. Also, one can add any new module anytime that makes the system more flexible and agile. Moreover, Node.JS has more alternatives if we compare it with Python.
  • Python: In order to scale a program, multithreading is mandatory which is not permitted in Python. Although, Python has the libraries for multithreading they are not real. Here, only one thread runs at the given time as per GIL (Global Interpreter Lock).


When scalability comes, Node.JS should be given preference for web app development.

Final Conclusion

As we have stated earlier, the selection of any technology or programming language is completely dependent upon the requirement of the project and the expectation of the client.

Being leading web app development company in India, Linearloop always recommends analyzing the requirement properly. Afterward, you should select the best-suited backend technology that can either be Python or Node.JS. Let us know if you are looking to know more.

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