Hire Python Developers in India

Top Checklist to Hire Python Developers in India

Python is one of the demanding technologies because of which Python developers are also in great demand. From time to time, companies open their hiring for Python developers. To make your hiring process more focused, we are sharing the top checklist to hire Python developers in India & USA.
Whenever it comes to the choice of a programming language, Python has emerged as the most preferred option. Do you know why Python is in demand? Because the language offers simplicity and its fast development.
These features make Python a demanding technology. Along with a checklist to hire python developers in India & USA we have also covered Python developer roles and responsibilities, along with the required skills.
We believe developers are the building blocks of an organization, and you must hire quality resources.
So, make your hiring qualitative and result-driven by following the shared checklist. Once you have the right resource in place, the company’s growth is sustained.

Usage of Python

Python is majorly preferred for data analysis & visualization, websites development, software development, and task automation. Further, Python enables the developer to execute complex statistical calculations.
Compare to other languages Python facilitates simpler ways to build algorithms for machine learning. Thus developers prefer working the programming language for ML projects.
We can also say Python offers a comprehensive range of solution development depending on the need of a business. With Python, one can do anything from building complex algorithms to developing websites.
Python has libraries, packages, tools, and in-built functions, and hence the execution of a wide range of tasks becomes easy.
So, using Python language, one can create and build
  • Algorithms
  • Websites
  • Automation & Scripting
  • Backend & Front-End Development
  • GUIs development
Apart from that, Python plays a significant role in software testing, and it performs activities like bug tracking, testing, and building control. Further tech-team have the flexibility to automate the testing process, which further enhances the quality of the product.
Because of all these functionalities, technology is always preferred for development. And thus, there is always a requirement for Python developers in India at leading IT companies.

Things to consider while hiring Python developers in India:

Demand for Python developers is not hidden and IT companies are struggling to get the right resource. If your company is also planning to hire Python developers in India and USA, keep the following points in mind.

1. What do you need?

Before hiring, one should always check the accurate requirement. Python technology is too comprehensive and there are various roles that fit into the requirement. Hence, we need to figure out the demand first.
For example; Python is used for Web development, Software development, Desktop Applications, etc. . Once we have a clear requirement, then hiring will be result-driven and effortless.

2. Experience in Python

During the interview, a hiring manager should examine the practical experience of the aspirant. Sometimes, the resume says, the candidate has 5 years of experience but in actuality, he seems like a fresher, and even with such experience he might be new to the requirements of the company.
Hence, we recommend conducting a small test in order to analyze the practical knowledge of the candidate. Also, ensure, they must have the ability to solve real-time problems. During the test, the interviewer must check out the following key aspects:
  • Generators, Classes, Structures & Functions
  • Python Shell Usage
  • Code Structuring along with Version Numbering
  • SYS & OS Module
  • Memory handling
  • List Dictionaries
  • Sets & Comprehensions

3. Fundamental Knowledge: 

Fundamental knowledge is a must because if the base is strong only then a developer can deal with the real-time issues. Hence pay attention to these concepts:
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOPs)
  • File Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • Data Types & Variables
  • Data Structure (DS)
  • Iterators & Generators
Please note: Generally, during the interview task of programming script is given to the candidate. Interviewers are not required to cover all points, otherwise, the programming script will be complex and aspirants will be confused. So keep it simple and focused.

4. Knowledge of Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As we know Python is majorly used in AI, ML, Scientific Computing & Research, so if the candidate has knowledge about these concepts, he will be able to deliver the best output.

Further, the domain is already evolving and if you are looking for the best Python developers, ensure these smart concepts for sure. 

What skills are companies looking for in a Python developer?
If you are willing to become a Python developer, you must be aware of the skills required for Python developers. The skills are bifurcated based on the experience of the candidate. Hence always prepare yourself depending on your experience.
If the interviewee is a fresher or has 2 years of experience, they should know
  • General Python Syntax
  • SQL
  • Fundamentals of CVS
  • Data Structures
  • Any well-known web framework
If the interviewee has 3 to 6 years of experience, they should know
  • OOPs concept
  • Coding & Testing
  • Aware of big data solutions
  • Cloud computing services
If the interviewee has more than 6 years, they should know
  • Writing complex logic
  • Front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • ORM libraries
  • AWS & Cloud computing services
  • Big data technology like HDFS, Pig, Hive, Spark, and Scala
  • Debugging Skills

Python developers’ roles and responsibilities

Aspirants looking to make their career in Python development should know about the roles and responsibilities of a Python developer. Also, if you are going to attend the interview for a Python developer, knowing the job responsibilities is worthy.
Technically speaking, a job responsibility of a Python developer revolves around programming, designing, deployment, & debugging. They have to work either on the back-end or server-side.
Further, a Python developer has to perform an extensive range of tasks including designing the framework as per the code, developing an application for clients, building websites, etc.
So, depending upon the industries, they are required to perform their duties.
Apart from that, a Python developer is required to keep his eyes on data collection and analytics. The elements help him to build valuable insights for the project.
Also, they need to figure out the development time for the project, and the insights will play an important role here.
Furthermore, Python developers work with the various team members of the project and share valuable information at regular intervals.
Here are the highlights of the job responsibilities of a Python developer:
  • To determine the project’s requirement, the Python developer has to coordinate with all the participating members including front-end developers.
  • A Python developer has to write quality code to build a scalable application. He should have a strong command of the Python programming language.
  • Analyzing bugs and fixing them, also comes under the roles and responsibilities of a Python developer.
  • Python developers are required to build back-end components for the business application.
  • They must know to integrate elements following server-side logic. Further, the developers should have knowledge of integrating data storage solutions.
  • In order to enhance the features and functionalities of the database, the Python developers should be confident enough to work on the existing product.
  • A Python developer should have the proficiency to build digital tools through which online traffic is monitored.
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