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What Is Back End Developer? Roles & Responsibilities of Back End Developer

We have mentioned in our earlier blog, that an application is developed following the process of front and backend development. We have already discussed front-end development and here our focus will be on backend development.
The blog has detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of backend developers along with their professional growth.
Linearloop is a renowned backend web development company in India and using our experience we are sharing backend developer skills along with how to become a backend developer.
Hence if you are the one who is interested in this stream should read the entire blog and let us know if you have any queries. So, let’s get started with the content.

What is Back-End Development?

In the present scenario, we are surrounded by various kinds of applications. Our day starts with the application and ends with the same. But have you ever thought about the internal operations of these applications?
After entering the wrong credentials, the system does not allow us to log in. Do you know how? The backend part of an application keeps the check of all our activities.
The system is responsible to manage Servers, Databases, Logic applied, APIs (Application Programming Interface), and System Architecture.
Without a smooth backend, any of your web and mobile application will not perform. Being end-user, we never see what is happening in the backend, but it does play a crucial role in the functioning of the application.
The programmer who works on the development of the backend system, we call back-end developers. The developers work closely with front-end developers, QAs, System Architects, and Project Managers in order to achieve their goals.
Prior to starting working on the project, their main aim is to understand the requirement thoroughly. As we know, the backend is the base of any system and it must perform accurately.
If you blindly develop the backend without understanding the requirement, it will be a huge loss for the company because everything will get disturbed. Hence to become a smart backend developer, you must have a result-driven approach.
There are various backend technologies in which systems are developed. We will get to know about them later in the section. But you should keep in mind, that a backend developer is not bounded by specific technology. The more you learn, the more you grow.

Skills of backend developers:

Do you know about the backend developer skills? If not, we are here to guide you. Before directly jumping to the skills there are a few things that you should have to join the IT industry as a backend developer:
  • Dedication
  • Punctuality
  • Qualitative Approach
  • Communicative
With these standard professional skills, you will be able to mark your presence in the industry. Now we will let you know the professional skill set of a backend developer:

1. Backend Language Expertise: 

If you are looking to become a backend developer, you must have strong command over any of the backend technologies like Nest JS, Flask, Hapi, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Loopback, etc.
As we know, the market is too competitive and you must have an outstanding skillset that distinguishes you from others. 
Also, if you are an established backend developer, keep exploring the latest updates because every time something new comes up. Constant skill updation gives momentum to your professional growth and you will get whatever you want.

2. Building & Maintaining Websites/Mobile Applications:

Being a backend developer, you must know how to develop and maintain a website. We have seen many backend developers who are aware of developing websites but they ignore the maintenance part.
Maintenance is an integral part of the development and you must own it.
Once a website or mobile application is fully developed, keep all the documentation in place. Good documentation eases the maintenance process.
So if you are looking to become a backend developer, you must have a development and management skillset.

3. High-Quality Code

Here comes the main concept. Any ordinary developer can write the code but only the extraordinary will be able to write high-quality code.
Your code should be clean, well-formatted, and commented on. It helps to understand the system in a single view and also supports new developers.
Apart from that, with high-quality code, you will be able to upgrade the system easily if any advancement comes. So, always focus on the quality of your code.
Keep practicing in the best way so that you could deliver the best as a backend developer.

4. Troubleshooting & Debugging

We are counted as a top backend development company in India and hence we know the worth of troubleshooting & debugging for a backend developer. See, problems can come anywhere anytime. And our intent should be problem-solving rather than playing games.
So, the backend developers must have the skill set of debugging and troubleshooting. The problem-solving approach increases the potential and demand of any developer.
Hence to keep growing as a backend developer, start working on your troubleshooting & debugging skill set.

5. Quick Support

Another required skill for a backend developer is quick to support. Whether it is a client or a team, the developer should offer quick support to them as and when needed. If you think, that just after delivering the project your responsibility finishes, you are wrong. 
So always be ready with your supportive approach so that client and team, both could get associated with you.
These are some required roles and responsibilities of backend developers. Also, if you are confused at any point, feel free to contact us.

How to become a backend developer?

We have seen people searching about the backend developer’s salary and how to become a backend developer. The foremost thing that plays an important role in your career, is your interest. Always choose the field in which you are interested.
Hence, if you are interested to become a backend developer, here are the ways:
  • Opt for professional training in any of the desired backend technology.
  • Work on the coding practices and practical implementations.
  • If you are an introvert, enhance your communication skills.
  • Keep exploring the new updates and follow the great technocrats.
  • Once the certification is completed, apply for on-campus or off-campus.
  • Go for interviews.
  • Crack the interview and get the offer letter.
These are the ways through which you can start your journey as a backend developer. Gradually you will have industrial experience with unlimited opportunities.
This is all about the backend developers and their responsibilities. Further, if you are looking for a leading backend development company in India & USA, Linearloop is your constant service provider.
From here you can hire dedicated backend developers in India & USA depending upon the project’s requirement.
We hope, the shared blog will resolve your queries regarding the backend developers, their expertise and salary, etc. If you have any doubts or confusion, we are here to solve them.
At Linearloop we offer demanding backend technologies including Flask, Hapi, Laravel, Loopback, and Ruby on Rails.
Explore our reliable backend development services and let us know if you have any queries.

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