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Kynec - Smart Derivative Clearance Solution

Kynec is a smart solution that connects banks, pension funds, and asset managers with clearing houses and service providers, facilitating both direct derivatives clearing and client clearing services. We help them improve their data management by implementing a secure SFTP server and automated data pipeline. This overhaul, led by a dedicated team of engineers, resulted in enhanced compliance, reduced manual errors, and increased operational efficiency.

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Manual efforts reduced


security boost with SFTP integration


Efficiency improved in data management

What are the challenges that Kynec was facing?

Kynec faced significant challenges in managing its extensive Excel files. The bulkiness and lack of proper organization made it difficult to maintain efficiency and compliance. Additionally, they did not have a dedicated development team specialized in the data domain, which further complicated their ability to handle these critical data management tasks effectively.

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How Linearloop helped?


Kynec was struggling in managing its bulky Excel files.

Lack of organization and bulkiness hindered efficiency and compliance.

Orchestrating data management tasks was complex.


Firstly, our team built an SFTP server for Excel file storage.

We offered QA and Automation services to Kynec.

We set up a data pipeline to automate the dumping and meaningful conversion of Excel files.


Team Formation

Our experts collaborated with Kynec’s team to create a solution to help them manage their bulky excel files. Plus, we have assisted them in automating their quality assurance. Our QA experts ensured seamless implementation of a secure SFTP server and an efficient data pipeline, significantly enhancing their data handling capabilities.

We deployed a team of 15-20 engineers, a scrum master, and a business analyst.


Kynec's Data Edge: Powered by Linearloop's Expertise!

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