How Much does it Cost to Hire a React Developer?

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20234 min read

How Much does it Cost to Hire a React Developer?

As we know React technology is one of the most used frameworks across the IT sector. The concept is aggressively being used for front-end application development. React is preferred by developers because it facilitates fast, dynamic, and robust applications.

We are one of the well-known React JS companies in India and have seen lots of searches regarding how much does it cost to hire a React developer? Using our practical experience we are sharing various factors that may affect the costs.

Further, the cost for developers varies depending upon the experience of the candidate and the requirement of the company. So in this blog, we will have a detailed analysis of the cost to hire a React Developer. 

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What is React JS?

As we know, the world is surrounded by technology and nowadays things are being done through our thumbs. With a single click and task is done. Whether we want to order food, book rooms, or need medicines, etc, all are driven by technology.

The concept or technology that has made mobile & web applications more flexible, reliable, and robust is React JS. We are also a React JS web development company in India and we know the advantages of this framework.

React JS is open-source and is used to create an interactive and dynamic user interface. Meta and community of individual developers are behind the foundation of the technology. Because of its dynamic features, React JS is widely used by leading corporate like Facebook, Amazon, etc.

If we talk about the features of React JS, it is declarative, component-based, and easy to learn. Developers can easily learn the concept and implement it in their applications.

Various factors that may affect the cost of a React JS developer:

As we are discussing costing for React JS developers, we must consider various factors that can affect their price. As per our experience, the cost structure also depends on the infrastructure of the company. 

Along with this, some other elements play an important role in deciding the cost of React JS developer. And being a business owner, companies must ensure the costing in order to earn the maximum possible profit over a resource.

Keeping the fact in mind, we are sharing those factors that one should consider while deciding on the salary of a React JS developer in India and USA.

Size of the project:

The most important factor that can affect the cost is the size and complexity of the project. Large-scale projects always demand experienced, fast, and reliable resources. And companies need to invest more to hire such candidates. 

Apart from that, bigger projects involve more infrastructural and other costs as a result of which overall investment increases. On contrary, if the project is smaller in size, the investment will be least and any cheaper resource can handle the project.

So, always analyze the demand of the company in terms of execution of the project. The ultimate aim of any React JS development company in India and USA is on-time quality delivery. Also, we recommend, that quality should not be compromised with cost otherwise that will be a bigger loss.

Model of hiring:

The cost of React JS developers is also dependent upon the model you are hiring. As we know, in the industry the costing structure can either be fixed or hourly. If you hire a permanent resource on an hourly basis, the overall investment will be more. 

Also, so for long-term projects, a fixed budget will be advantageous. And if you want any resource only for a short duration, then hourly will also be fine.

Integration of Third-Party:

As we know, nowadays most applications are developed through third-party integration. And when a third-party comes, the cost of React JS application development will be increased for sure.

Furthermore, developers use external libraries to make their applications extra attractive and more interactive. This is also a kind of third-party integration that increases the overall development cost of the application.

Geographical Location:

Another factor that plays an important role in the cost to hire React JS developers is their location. If the candidate has to relocate from their native place, their demand will be higher than the local candidates.

So if you are hiring under a limited budget, you must give preference to the local candidates. Being an experienced React JS development company in India we recommend hiring candidates from the local region but do not compromise on their experience and expertise because quality matters ultimately.

What are the factors that you should consider while hiring a React JS Developer?

The hiring of React JS developers should be done by following certain elements. And just to save cost, we should not compromise with any of these elements.

Hence if you are a React web development company in India and hiring is on for the developer, consider these factors for sure:

Technical Expertise: During the interview, candidates’ proficiency in React JS must be checked. Their command, fundamental knowledge, and previous projects should be analyzed in order to judge their technical knowledge.

Compatibility with other technologies: The interviewer should also check the expertise of the candidate with other technologies. If his basics are strong regarding other frameworks or the most needed framework, you should have that candidate on board.

Team Management Skill: Whenever you are hiring any resource, make sure he should be a team player. At the corporate level, individuality does not work and one should be smart enough to manage and support the team members in order to make a successful execution.


Linearloop is one of the well-known React JS development companies in USA and India. Using our dynamic years of experience we have elaborated a detailed analysis of how much it costs to hire a React developer.

With this topic, if any problem comes, we are always available to help you. Also, you can hire React JS developers from our company in order to develop an interactive, engaging and robust mobile application.

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Mayank Patel
Mayank Patel


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