How to Build Real-time Application with Node.js?

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20234 min read

How to Build Real-time Application with Node.js?

Node.js is one of the demanding technologies in which web applications are developed. Technology is the preferred one to create real-time applications. And being a Node.js development company in India, today we will discuss how to build real-time applications with Node.js.

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In this blog, our intent will revolve around the way a real-time application is developed in Node.js. Do you know the examples of real-time applications? It is like UBER where all the executions are in real-time.

We make bookings, track drivers, make online payments, etc. All these activities are done in real-time.

Applications like LinkedIn, Uber, and Netflix are developed in Node.js. Do you know the reasons for the adoption of Node.js? The advantages of Node.js are as follows:

  • Quick Load Time.
  • Enhanced Performance.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Common Language For Server-Side & Client-Side.

Further, Node.js enables quick processing of data, convenient analysis along with faster deployment of code. This is the basic concept of Node.js and now we will get to know the development of real-time applications in Node.js.

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Factors that should be considered real-time applications in Node.js


Real-time applications are always challenging in terms of their scalability. Hence it should be given preference at the time of development. Each request of the real-time applications database queries needs to be refreshed every 5 seconds.

The concept works well when we have 10 users but sometimes it collapses with 100 users approximately. Hence, developers need to choose the right toolset in order to develop real-time applications.

Also, from the scalability point of view, the professionals should design a proper flow of data, integration points, and events. All such problems are eliminated with Node.js because it facilitates solutions to maintain the scalability of the project.

Furthermore, the leading tech giants like Paypal, Walmart, LinkedIn, and Uber are following Node.js because the technology has given them proper scalability.


Whenever we develop any application, security matters the most. As we know, in this technical era, we are dealing with positives as well as negatives. Hence we should never leave any gap that spoils the application. 

Hence, high-level security is always important. We can understand it with an example. Single Sign-On (SSO) is an integrated part of the streaming applications and it must satisfy existing security layers.

Developers must ensure data protection along with data encryption, algorithms, and data in motion. Node.js based real-time applications follow security protocol.

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Development Frameworks, Schemas, and Format of Data

The concept of real-time applications revolves around the streaming of data in order to execute the overall functionality. The streaming of data will either be on-premises or cloud.

Hence while creating real-time applications in Node.js we must have data-driven development frameworks, schemas, and data format.

Considering our years of experience in Node.js, we recommend following the concepts. Also, the technical experts use the concept to get insights, analyze the trend and develop the algorithm accordingly. 

As a result, the operations of real-time applications enhance along with the business value. Also, the ultimate aim behind any business application is to save effort with maximum possible deliveries.

Depending on the statistics for the year 2020, the watching hours of live streaming content is approximately 480 billion hours. And the majority of the views are from mobile devices.

And with such dynamic usage, the real-time applications demand smart development methodologies. Hence the experts, data scientists, and data analytics study the entire concept carefully because it affects the entire adoption of the environment.

From reading the above concept, you must have understood the flow and importance of data in streaming applications. And the streaming data is a series of time-stamped packets.

This is the reason, the technical team needs tools so that they can process the time-series data conveniently. 

The architecture of Node.js for real-time applications:

The process of execution of workload decides the scalability of the application. And when we are talking about scalability, Node.js should be considered, especially for real-time applications.

Here we will let you know the architecture of Node.js that enhances the tolerance to the failure of the real-time applications. Because of this reason, Node.js is counted as the reliable and best programming language to develop real-time applications.

The architecture has an event-driven approach along with asynchronous nature because of which Node.js is the most preferred technology to develop real-time applications. In order to handle multiple clients, the real-time applications of Node.js use event loop architecture.

As we know, some other technologies like Spring MVC, JSP, ASP.NET, JQuery, AJAX, etc are also preferred but their approach of request-response architecture is multi-threaded but Node.js is single-threaded.

And being single-threaded, Node.js is preferred because its flexibility to manage concurrent clients is always more. Further being single-threaded, it uses fewer memory and resources. So, when it comes to develop real-time application, Node.js is favored.


So, while developing a real-time application the developers must pay attention to the streaming of data. Further, from Linearloop you can hire Node.js developers in India & USA as well.

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