Fitness App Development Cost Guide in 2022

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20234 min read

Fitness App Development Cost Guide in 2022

Mobile Applications are the most demanding concept for businesses who are looking to grow rapidly. The concept of any application depends on its business type. Depending upon the business need and the client’s expectation, a mobile app has been developed.

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Furthermore, our experts have developed mobile apps for various domains like traveling, fitness, online learning, shopping, online food order, etc. And today we will let you know something more exciting for fitness applications.

In the present time, people are more conscious of their lifestyle and in order to maintain their health, they keep looking for dynamic fitness applications. So today, we will let you know the fitness app development cost guide for 2022.

Factors that affect the development of fitness apps:

As we already know that health is wealth, and in recent past years we have realized how important it is to take care of our health. Due to changing lifestyles and unhealthy routines, people all over the world have started taking their fitness more seriously in order to avoid any health complications. 

Nowadays, fitness is not just limited to gym or yoga classes because fitness centers have started investing in fitness apps that fulfill various fitness and health requirements. 

Below mentioned are the factors on which the cost for fitness applications depends majorly.

Hence if you are looking to know the exact cost of the development fitness app, consider the:

1- Type of App Model:

The cost of app development depends upon the type of app model. Therefore, you need to decide the type of app model that meets your business requirements and budget.

2- Types of Business Model:

The key component affecting the overall fitness app development cost is the type of business model. The fitness app monetization models are broadly freemium, subscription-based, premium, and many more.

3- App development team size:

The size of the App development team is also important when it comes to the cost of app development. The team includes developers, project managers, QA professionals, and designers. According to data, the approximate cost of a fitness app for a single platform is $8000 to $10,000.

4- Mobile Platform:

The cost of app development depends upon the mobile application platform. As we know there are multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Cross-Platform. So depending upon the need for a mobile app platform, we can estimate the cost.

5-Fitness App Designing:

The design of the fitness app plays a major role in the overall cost of the fitness app development. An incredible design contributes a lot to making an app engaging.

6-Features and Functionalities:

The cost of fitness app development is decided by its features and functionalities. Basic features will not cost much, but advanced and great features require a huge sum of money.

7- App Security:

As many people are using fitness training apps, there is a high risk of their data and personal information being hacked. In order to ensure app security, you need to pay a high sum of money.

8- Hourly or Fixed:

In software development companies, there are two ways to estimate the cost. Companies either charge fixed amounts or hourly billing. On the hourly model, the client needs to pay on a per-hour basis whereas in fixed, the total project cost is decided at once.

For example:

If you are a client and you have shared the requirement for the fitness app. Now the developer has estimated that the project will need 50 hours to get completed. He will charge $10.00 per hour. Now you need to pay $500 ($10.00 * 50) for the project. If hours increase, the budget will also.

On the other hand, the developer has given a straight budget of $500 for end-to-end development. It does not matter even if the project has taken more than 50 hours.

Features of Fitness Applications

There are some set features that a fitness app must have. The team of Linearloop has developed a fitness application covering these features. We have created iOS and Android-based fitness applications. Also, if you are looking for a flutter app development company in India, call us now.

Features of fitness app:

  • Registration and Login
  • Dashboard for the Users
  • Option To Set Goal
  • Tutorials To Learn Exercise
  • Tracking Of Activities
  • Geo-location feature
  • Push Notification
  • Tracking of Activities
  • Calories Count
  • Food with Calories
  • Membership Option
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS Integration for the verification of users

These are the most basic features of any fitness application. And if you add or subtract any feature, the cost for the development will vary accordingly. For example, some mobile applications come with the feature of “Chat With Expert”

Now in this condition, a whole new module will be created in order to run the chat feature. Obviously, the cost and time will get affected by the additional chatting feature. So sharing the exact cost for a fitness app depends on the requirement.


By reading the above content, you must have understood that sharing the exact cost for the development of a fitness app is not possible. The cost is dependent upon the time needed to complete the project.

And time can only be estimated when we have concrete requirements in hand. There are various factors that affect the cost of development. Also, the complexity of an application plays an important role in deciding the exact cost of development.

Moreover, we have the expertise to develop your fitness app for Android, iOS, and Flutter. Hence if you are looking for an Android, Flutter, or iOS app development company in India, get in touch now.

Also, let us know if you are looking to know more about the development of Fitness apps.

Our new blog will be here very soon. So keep browsing the page! Stay Fit!

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