Mobile App Development for Businesses – A Complete Guide 2022

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20235 min read

Mobile App Development for Businesses – A Complete Guide 2022

The present era is mobile-centric and almost 80% of your targeted audience is available on mobile devices. Hence building mobile applications became mandatory for businesses who are looking to sustain their business growth.

Today, we will discuss the mobile app development cost in India and why businesses should invest on it.

We have seen cases where businesses ignore creating mobile applications and because of that, they face losses. So many brands shut down only because they did not follow marketing demands for their businesses.

Mobile applications empower businesses and take them to the next level. And business owners are drastically following the approach because they never prefer to lose their potential clients.

Also, as per the studies, it has been seen, that applications performing better on mobile devices are doing wonders for business owners. We all have experienced the existence of some leading mobile applications like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, etc.

These applications have made human life much easier and more comfortable. We all get food by being at the workplace or at home. Fresh food is being delivered online maintaining hygiene as well.

Studies say, around 28 billion applications were downloaded from the Google Play store in the year 2021. From here you can understand the worth of mobile applications. Keeping this in mind, Linearloop is here to share the concept of mobile app development for businesses.

We are sharing the complete guide through which one should develop their business-oriented mobile applications. Also, being a leading mobile app development company in India, we are very aware of the current technology trends.

So let’s get started with the approach of mobile application development in India and the USA. Also, how a business is benefitted from such mobile applications? Moreover, if you are looking to hire mobile app developers in India, feel free to connect with Linearloop.

Before moving to the core topic, we must elaborate on what a mobile application is and why is it important for the business.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile Applications are those that are built specifically for mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. And the process of creation is called Mobile Application Development. For example, Ola, Make My Trip, IRCTC, etc.

Generally, mobile applications are published on the play store. Likewise, from Google Play Store, you can download Android applications. And in order to install an iOS application, you need to download it from the Apple Store.

There are various steps involved in the process of mobile app development. 

  1. Requirement Analysis: At the very 1st stage, the requirement is finalized. Once it is locked, further steps take place.
  2. Screen Designing: A demo screen design is prepared so that it could satisfy the needs of the business. Designers create user-interface following the best practices and they make sure, the same design should work well across the various screen sizes.

During screen design, a client gets an idea about the appearance of the applications. All the design feedback is taken care of during this step. Once the design for the mobile app designing is completed, programming is started.

  1. Coding: To implement the design, codes are written. During coding, database structure, APIs, etc are created in order to make the application interactive, innovative and responsive. Each module is properly coded and integrated.
  2. Testing: After the compilation of all the modules, end-to-end testing is performed. During testing, testers verify the application against the requirement shared by the client. Further, while doing quality analysis, testers check the authenticity of the application.
  3. Deployment: Once the QA process is approved, the application is deployed over the server.

Why is Mobile App Important?

As we have stated above, mobile apps are ruling the world and it has their own world now. And if the businesses are literally looking to grow, they must have a mobile presence. Moreover, with mobile applications, businesses connect with their audiences easily.

Advantages of Mobile Application for Business:

Consistent Business Growth: Mobile applications ensure business growth. Leading business giants have their mobile applications because they offer services and products through mobile channels as well. As a result, they get consistent growth in the market.

Constant Client Communication: Communication through mobile applications is more frequent. And when users get attention, they believe in the system and ultimately profit goes to the businesses.

Frequent Update: By being in constant touch with your client, you get a quick response for the services you are offering. Depending upon the feedback, a quick update is made to the system.

Quick Support: End users get quick support when they are accessible through mobile applications. By being in the mobile application industry for more than a decade, we know, that the channel provides quick support to your clients.

More Profit: Mobile applications increase the accessibility of businesses for their products and services. As a whole, the audience size also increased because of mobile apps. And when you have more users, you get more profit.

Increased Market Value: Earning more profit, increases the market value of your business. When the market value of any business is more, ultimately you are in the right direction doing business.

What is the cost for mobile app development?

The cost for mobile app development is dependent upon the requirement. Complex applications demand more time, cost and effort compare to simple applications. Hence while analyzing the cost for mobile app development, always fix the requirement and understand the level of complexity first.

How should businesses create their mobile application?

Here is the complete guide, if you are planning to create a mobile application for your business. And if the business is still not on the mobile platform, start planning for the same today.

Understand your business: In order to create a mobile application, you need to understand the nature of your business. Based on that, all the features and functions should be implemented.

Analyze your product and service: What are the products and services being offered? This should be closely visualized and implemented in the application. Make sure to offer support and proper assistance to the client as and when needed. 

Understand the public demand: Depending on the people’s choice, integrate the security feature. Users should not feel cheated while accessing the app.

Supply your products and services online: Add all your products and services to the application so that users could connect with it. They should be able to place the order seamlessly.

By keeping these guides for mobile application development in mind, one can create them for the business.


So, guys, these are the reasons why mobile applications are important for businesses. Follow the given complete guide for mobile app development. Also if you are looking to hire mobile app developers, we are here.

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Mayank Patel
Mayank Patel


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