The App Development Process Which Linearloop Follows

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20234 min read

The App Development Process Which Linearloop Follows

Mobile app development is one of the most demanding services provided by Linearloop. Our mobile app development services include the development of Android, iOS, React, and Flutter applications. To know more about services click on the link.

So far we have developed mobile applications for various operations depending on the needs of the industry. Our applications are cross-verified following multiple levels of testing. Hence if you hire our mobile app developers, quality is assured by default.

Today we are sharing our process to develop mobile applications. Our protocols are seriously followed even after the deployment of the application.

Also being a leading mobile app development company in India, it is our duty to keep you aware of our app development process transparently.

We are a reliable service provider for software and mobile application development. And we have achieved the milestones of success in a very short period of time, only by following a dedicated app development model. 

Furthermore, we pay attention to the leading technologies of the world. In this series, mobile applications are in great demand, and technologies for such apps keep evolving.

Also, our services are not limited to India only, and we have a vibrant presence in the USA as well.

Why should you hire Linearloop for Mobile App Development?

Everyone is using mobile phones and if we say, we are living in a mobile world, it will not be wrong. Whatever service or product people want, they search for it on their phones only.

Hence businesses that are not willing to lose their potential audience must have a solid presence in this mobile world. Make sure your business application is robust, appealing, and easy to access.

Here are the reasons that make us your preferred vendor:

  • Dedicated Mobile App Development Team
  • Proper Quality Check
  • Disciplined Application Development Model
  • On-Time Delivery of Mobile App
  • Maintenance of the App

Hence if you are searching for mobile app developers in the USA, feel free to get in touch.

Process of App Development followed by Linearloop:

Requirement Acquisition:

Our app development process begins with requirement gathering. We collect each minute detail from the client and discuss them in detail. Once the requirement is locked, we move toward the next process.

Also, while collecting requirements, we make notes in writing in order to avoid futuristic confusion. Being a responsible mobile app development company we make sure to maintain complete transparency with clients. Our ultimate aim is to make on-time delivery of mobile applications.

Feasibility Analysis:

After collecting requirements, our experts look for feasibility analysis. A feasibility test is the most important thing that must be carried out before initiating mobile application development.

During feasibility analysis, each requirement is checked whether it is possible to develop or not. Sometimes clients share hypothetical requirements and if we ignore feasibility tests, problems will come during the mid-phase of app development. 

At that point of time, things become complex and hard to manage. Even the relationship with the client is spoiled. Hence to avoid that situation, we always perform feasibility tests and ensure only practically possible things in scope. 

Prototype Design:

After performing the feasibility test, we are ready to start the work because we have the concrete requirement in scope. The process of mobile application development starts with designing of a prototype.

In the prototype phase, we design the screen with the required features and color combinations. Multiple options are shared with clients for approval. Depending upon the feedback, we make changes in the design.

The team of Linearloop always follows standard and trending designing methodologies so that, end-users can connect with your mobile application. Hence if you are searching for mobile app developers in India for your business app, we are your reliable service partner.

Coding for Application:

Once the design is locked, the app developers enter into the process. Code has been developed by the developers for the approved design. This is the backbone process of mobile application development because accurate interaction between the front end and back end is set up here.

Developers should ensure the correct database, proper integration of APIs, and server deployment. Also, they should check the compatibility of the applications across all mobile devices.

Quality Testing: 

Without testing, we cannot launch the mobile application. During quality testing, we check the performance of the application considering the requirement document. The QA team ensures zero-bug in the application.

We perform multiple testing methodologies to check the design and functions of the mobile application. Once we are sure of the app, it is moved into production.

Deployment on Server:

Linearloop takes complete responsibility for the project even after handover. After complete quality analysis, the application is launched on the respective play store. The play store account is properly set up by us.

Once the project is deployed, we create a detailed manual so that future management of the application could be taken care of. We know applications are always updated at regular intervals and for this reason, we must have proper documentation.

Operations & Maintenance: 

Being your true service partner for mobile application development, we offer complete support even after the deployment of the app. Our team believes in quality client service and hence we always provide quick support.


Linearloop is an experienced mobile app development company in India and we develop applications following the standard process. Our dynamic mobile application services include Android app, iOS app, and Flutter app development.

So if you are looking for a Flutter app development company in India, Linearloop is the right choice for you. We have mentioned our mobile application development process in detail and hope you have the idea now.

Let us know if you have any doubts regarding the mobile app development process. Our team is always there to help you. Further, we will keep on adding recent topics to our blogs, so keep browsing the page.

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Mayank Patel
Mayank Patel


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