How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Fintech App?

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20234 min read

How Much Does It Cost To Launch A Fintech App?

What is a Fintech Application?

The covid era has given a new perception to the world And even financial sectors have felt the requirement. All business processes must be online in order to provide comfort to consumers. 

Because of this need, the necessity for online financial applications is increased. The technology behind the concept is Fintech. So basically Fintech applications offer digital solutions to facilitate financial services.

With Fintech applications, now people are more comfortable with online transitions. Moreover the investment process becomes easier for the world now and if we say, Fintech applications have taken the financial and banking sector to the  new world, that is fast and secure as well.

Hence the companies offering financial solutions are adopting the concept of Fintech application with the arrival of such a concept, the financial process became more secure and strong.

The creation of Fintech apps has been the most well-known success trend in various sectors such as the banking sector, credit companies, financial investment companies, insurance groups, and the consumer finance industry over the past several years.

This article will address the questions related to how to create a Fintech app. How much does it cost to develop such an app? What features does a fintech app have? We have also covered the topic of hiring Fintech developers in India and USA.

Fintech Applications and their usage

The financial sector has lots of sections and Fintech applications are applicable to all these.

The Fintech application is playing an important role in Internet banking, Billing Services, Tracking of financial transitions, Digital insurance systems, Trading systems, Expense management, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin management, and many more.

Fintech App development cost

As we know, Fintech applications are in great demand, and seeing such a craze, the development cost is also a concern. Are you also one of them who is searching for the cost of a Fintech application? 

Actually, there are various factors that affect the development cost and the same goes with Fintech apps. Also, there is no fixed price for the Fintech applications because a single app cannot cover the needs of all businesses.

Budgeting revolves around the purpose, features, and requirements of the project.

We are an experienced Fintech application development company in India and hence we know the expectation of the industry. For example, if an application needs 4 months for development, obviously its cost will be higher than the application that needs only 2 months.

As per the international market, the cost of a Fintech application is $40,000 approximately if the project duration is approximately 6 months. As we have said above, the cost depends on various factors so you should keep this in mind during the analysis.

Furthermore, if you are looking to know the cost of a basic Fintech application, it may vary between $30,000 to $50,000. And the average Fintech application can be developed in the range of $40,000 to $50,000 and a complex one will be developed for approximately $80,000.

Market to market the pricing varies. In the Indian market, the budget may vary depending upon the requirement of the project. Being an experienced Fintech development company, we encourage people to adopt the technology.

Also, businesses get consistent growth if they keep moving with the evolving technologies.

Moreover, we have experienced Fintech developers who understand the requirements of the project from a very basic level. Also, we offer dedicated support for the technology, and hence feel free to contact us if any issue comes up.

When it comes to practical experience, we have developed lots of Fintech applications for our local and international clients. So if you are looking to hire Fintech app developers, Linearloop is your best companion.

Fintech Application Maintenance Cost

Maintenance is the major concern after the deployment of the projects. As we know technology is always updated with time and hence every project needs proper maintenance. Keeping this in mind, we should always consider maintenance costs. 

Moreover, in order to maintain healthy relationships with clients, the Fintech applications must be responsive to users’ queries. To offer 24*7 support, the chatbot is important to be integrated because your user will never wait for long hours once he or she has generated the token.

So, while hiring a Fintech app development company in India or Fintech app developer in India, always look for all these facilities. Being a business owner, you must ensure proper maintenance from the company after deployment.

As we know, the concept of Fintech applications revolves around the financial approach, and because of this reason, security becomes mandatory. We have divided the Fintech application into three sections i.e. Basic, Average, and Complex.

The maintenance cost also depends on the type of application. For example, the maintenance cost for an average Fintech app will be minimal and gradually it will increase with the complexity of the app.


So, guys, this is about the Fintech application foundation. Further, Linearloop offers services of Fintech app development and if you need a Fintech app developer in the USA, get in touch now. We study the requirement and propose the most prominent solution.

Also, we have tried our level best to answer the question of how much it costs to build a Fintech app in 2022. Our best practices for the development include the deep study of the project’s requirements.

Also, you can consult us if you are looking for the most reliable mobile app development company in India.

Fintech App development cost

Mayank Patel
Mayank Patel


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