NestJS vs ExpressJS: Which Framework To Choose?

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20235 min read

NestJS vs ExpressJS: Which Framework To Choose?

Are you the one who is always confused with the selection of framework? Today we are going to discuss the performance of Express Vs. NestJS so that one could have an idea of their concepts individually.

Web application development is the need of time and in order to meet the requirement of the project, developers must use an appropriate framework. Express JS and Node JS are two such solid web application development frameworks that are being used at a large scale.

The ultimate aim of any web application framework is to satisfy the client’s requirement by maintaining the quality of the project. The framework should be fast, responsive, reliable, and supportive. 

Moreover, we are an experienced Node JS development company in India, and using our working experience we will explain NestJS vs. Express. Our blog revolves around the concrete comparison between NestJS and ExpressJS along with their features.

Before directly jumping to the comparison, we must understand the features of NestJS and ExpressJS. Being a reliable NodeJS company in India, we believe in strengthening the basic knowledge hence we always give priority to the fundamentals.

Features of NestJS

Basically, NestJS is used for the development of Node.JS applications and is also a server-side framework. Javascript has been used here along with TypeScript and we all know JavaScript is the subset of TypeScript.

Moreover, TypeScript supports static typing as a result of which scope for type errors and references are avoided.

Do you know what is the major feature of NestJS? It follows the concept of the Angular front-end framework. Because of this reason, the structure of the server-side framework is the same as its front-end counterpart.

Being an experienced NestJS company, we always emphasize more on the type of resource. The quality of the end product depends on your resources a lot hence always hire the best NestJS developers in India and make your project goal driven. 

Other features of Nest.JS include its components, services, and modules. Apart from that, the server setting process is a little bit challenging and not everybody’s cup of tea. But it is not too complicated.

As we already stated earlier, we are a well-known NodeJS company and if you are looking to hire NodeJS developers in India, we are your reliable service partner.

We have executed so many projects based on the framework and hence we have the expertise to meet your expectations.

Features of ExpressJS

As our blog revolves around NestJS Vs ExpressJS performance, we must understand the features of ExpressJS as we did for NestJS. If we talk about the basic concept, Node JS is a quick JS runtime environment that facilitates server-side applications. 

But here we have certain limitations like it cannot handle requests and HTTP methods and hence we need to implement the concept of ExpressJS. It is a Node JS-based framework that is used for the creation of APIs for web and cross-platform applications.

Further, Express JS is a kind of topmost layer of Node.js framework because it helps to manage routes and a server.

Now we will discuss the features that make the concept assertive, demanding, and result-oriented.

Dynamic Web Page Creation:

With Express JS, developers have the flexibility to create designs for various types of web pages including single-page, multi-page, and cross-platform web-based applications.

Management of HTTP Requests:

The concept is useful for the management and configuration of middleware in order to respond to requests sent by HTTP. Further, it also shares a routing table that contains different actions depending on the HTTP method and URL.

So, as a whole, Express JS is one of the important frameworks of Node JS that is dedicatedly used to build APIs. As far as our services are concerned.

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NestJS vs ExpressJS: Which Framework To Choose?

As we have individually understood the features of both the framework and both have their own advantages. Now, depending upon various parameters, we will compare the performance and behavior of NestJS & ExpressJS.


The architecture of Nest JS contains Controllers, Providers, and Modules based on which it offers ready-to-use applications. Also, because of this, developers and testers can develop, test, and maintain the entire system effortlessly.

If we talk about the architecture of Express JS, there is no defined structure through which flexibility can be facilitated. And because of this complexities and issues can come to the system when we deal with large-scale projects.

Unit Testing

Unit Testing is another factor on which we are comparing both concepts. When it comes to Unit Testing, Nest JS is preferred. Why? Because Nest CLI has an in-built Jest-based default testing environment that creates a “spec file”. 

This file has an auto-generated testing bed code because of which developers are not required to write the code for unit testing separately. Here, effort, time, and cost are saved and because of this reason, developers prefer it.

Now, if we integrate Unit Testing with Express JS, developers need to write distinct codes for the execution of Unit Testing. It may take more time and also reduce the speed of the application. 

Opinionated & Unopinionated

Nest JS is considered Opinionated because it has defined rules and concrete principles for development. Because of set rules, the framework reduces the scope of errors that may occur at the time of development.

Further, Nest JS follows the concept of Angular, which further makes the application more reliable and less erroneous.

On the contrary, Express JS is Unopinionated because it does not have defined methods or rules to follow. Thus, developers have the flexibility and freedom to work as per their choice and integrate codes depending on the possibilities and assumptions.


Being in the technology industry for more than a decade, we believe, that none of the technology is useless. There are always two sides to any technology. We have compared Nest JS and Express JS but it does not mean one is superior to the other. 

Although, there are factors or environments where their performance varies. Also, using our experience we always recommend selecting the technology depending upon the requirement of the project.

Further, we believe a good developer always gives priority to the project’s requirements, client expectations, and deadline. So considering these factors, whichever technology you find better, go with that.

Linearloop is well versed with all the frameworks of Node JS whether it is Express JS or Nest JS. So, you can hire Node JS developers in India from our panel as well. Also, we are always available to assist you. So get in touch and smash all your doubts.



Mayank Patel
Mayank Patel


Mayank Patel is an accomplished software engineer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Engineering, earned in 2013.

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