React native vs Angular

React VS Angular: Which better for front end development?

Comparing various technologies is not something new. People always compare the revolving technologies of the era so that they could choose the best for them.

Apart from that, we would like to say that each technology or programming concept has its own worth and significance. With time, when new things come into existence, the old one takes a back seat.

This is the fact and we are sure that everybody will agree to this.

React VS Angular

Perspective of a developer:

Sometimes, we have seen developers getting confused in choosing the appropriate JavaScript in order to fulfill the demand of the project.

And the situation becomes more problematic when all your options have the capability to meet the project requirement. Being the leading front-end development company, we always recommend developers to do proper brainstorming with experts.

Analyze the requirement thoroughly and get the best match for the project.

Now coming back to the point, whether React is better or Angular? The document has a detailed discussion about React Vs Angular.

If we talk about the present scenario, React is more used rather than Angular. Additionally, approximately 35% of the developers prefer to work on React whereas 25% choose Angular. The data clearly shows the love for React as compare to Angular.

Founder of React and Angular JS:

Furthermore, if we go to their historic background, Google is the founder of Angular JS and it came into existence in the year 2016. And React is maintained and created by Facebook which was released in the year 2013.

Also, from the technical aspect, React JS is a library that helps to build a solid interface whereas Angular JS is a framework. React JS works on the concept of JSX which means JavaScript XML.

Those who are from technical background must be aware of these terms. Actually, JSX is a way through which HTML is written into JavaScript.

So guys, this article, is based on the comparison between two evolving programming concepts of Information Technology. We will discuss their significance on various parameters and draw a final conclusion.

If you are also willing to get associated with this topic, read out the entire content and share your views.

The Generic Differences along with data analysis

In this section, we are highlighting the generic differences between both the technical concepts.

It will help technocrats to understand the two programming approach from ground level. This section will enable you to understand the generic difference between Angular JS and React JS.

React vs Angular Header

Foundation: Misko Hevery is the founder of Angular JS and Jordan Walke is the founder of React JS.

Idea Approach of both the technologies:

Angular JS is always useful if you are planning for an interactive and highly active web application. Additionally, If your web application is large in size and has frequently variable data, React JS will be the right option.

Data Binding:

The Data Binding approach of Angular JS is Two-Way whereas React JS is One-Way.

Framework Architecture:

React JS is a JavaScript library with View mode only. On the other side, Angular JS is a dedicated and comprehensive framework with having MVC structure.
Additionally, the presence of MVC, allows it to work on the front end as well as end-to-end development of a web application. When you are using Angular JS, there is no need to depend on 3rd parties because it offers more features and eliminates their need.
If we talk about the orientation of React JS, it needs a cross-platform development framework that is React Native. The amazing thing about React JS, it offers a library through which developers can create dynamic user interfaces.

Data Object Model (DOM) & Data Binding:

Actually both approaches are helpful in building large-scale and enterprise-level applications. Only there is a difference in their concept of DOM and Data Binding.

Angular JS works on the real DOM whereas React JS works on the virtual DOM. Under this element, React JS scores more because Angular JS becomes slower here.

It happens because Angular JS works on real DOM and it rewrites the entire HTML even when there is a small change request. On the other hand, React JS works on virtual DOM and developers are free to execute the update without rewriting the HTML.

Comparison of various elements


Linearloop is one of the growing front-end web development company and we are saying this from our decades of experience. Performance is the primary concern for a developer prior to going for any specific technology.

Also, quality is the key component that one should maintain during development as well. Also, the activity strengthens the product and makes it more reliable.

As we have mentioned above that Angular JS works on real DOM while React JS is on virtual. The virtual DOM keeps the process of development fast because there is no need to rewrite the whole HTML code for a small change.

This is the reason; the developer selects React JS above Angular JS because it helps them do quick development and execution.


The flexibility of any web application matters the most. In order to offer quality services, the development team always goes for a flexible solution. There is a considerable difference between the flexibility of both concepts.

If we talk about React JS, it offers variety to the developers in terms of tools, architecture, and libraries. Based on the requirement of the project, developers are free to do the required customization using the elements of React JS.

Now, if we go for Angular JS, it is not flexible like React JS. It is so because the developers can use components of Angular within other frameworks only. Also, its code must be embedded in an HTML application.

However, the presence of the feature limits the applications that need real-time updations. Also, there is one amazing thing about Angular JS, that it has a lifecycle in each component, and its name is Angular lifecycle


If we talk about scalability and compare both the solutions, it will be a little bit hard to call any of the best over the other. Also, both of them have their own significance that makes them reliable and robust.
The developer will have to select any of the technologies based on the project’s requirement. The aim should be to make the end product scalable and reliable.
Like Angular, React JS also works on Typescript and we have concrete knowledge of the concept. Additionally, no one can catch Linearloop when it comes to React Web Development.

Furthermore, being a known React Company, we know, React JS makes the product more scalable because it works on virtual DOM.

If we talk about Linearloop, we have successfully delivered many React JS projects using Typescript. Our expertise in technology has made us a reliable React JS company across the globe.

Market Share:

As we know, both technologies are introduced by the legends of the marketplace. Certainly, they have not created it only for sake of the developing world but they prefer to use them, for their own web applications.
Whether you are aware or not, Facebook and its related products such as Whatsapp and Instagram, work on React JS whereas Angular JS manages various Google services.
If we come out of the founder companies, there are millions of giants that use either React JS or Angular JS.
For example, Netflix, Uber, DropBox, AirPNB work on React JS whereas Upwork, Nike, Microsoft, HBO, Forbes, and Sony work on the concept of Angular JS.
ReactJS and AngularJS

What Market says

As per the data analysis, the market share that React JS holds is 0.4% whereas Angular JS holds 0.5%. Hence, both the concepts are making good contributions in the world of technologies and the economy as well.

Selecting any of them will be purely dependent on the real demand of the project. Linearloop works on Angular web development as well as React web development. Feel free to join us to develop your dream project.

UI components:

Whenever team plans for the development of a project, its UI becomes the most important part of it. Also, the UI elements should be interactive enough to attract users.

This is the base where your clients fall, and hence it must be appealing, easy, and innovative. On technical grounds, various components are involved in UI either you are working using React JS or Angular JS. Based on the request the UI performs.

If you use the right component corresponding to the demand of the project, it makes the entire project interactive.

UI Components of Angular JS

If we discuss the UI components of Angular JS, these are “Derivatives”. These derivatives enable Angular to track and attach the required behavior.

Also, the derivatives are the markers on DOM. Hence, UI components are separated as HTML tags and the concept makes it different.

UI Components of React JS

Further, in the case of React JS, the UI and component behavior are combined. It means the same code will be responsible for the creation of elements of Interface and behavior.

Hence, we have seen the contradiction between the UI components of both concepts. If you are willing to use Angular, it will offer a built-in toolbox. The toolbox will have layouts, indicators, pop-ups, etc.

On contrary, if your application demands React JS, it will offer easy and quick optimization of the UI. You can get either free or paid tools from their platform depending upon the need of the project.

Highlights of React and Angular

Why should you go for Angular JS (Use Cases):

  • If your application needs independent events handling and exchange of data, go for Angular JS. It has inbuilt features of Rxjs and AngularCLI that execute the demand quickly.
  • Angular JS optimizes the effort of development because it saves the code along with running the components.
  • It comes with a detailed framework with two way of binding
  • It offers support for TypeScript
  • Works on MVC architecture.

Why should you go for React JS (Use Cases):

  • This is a lightweight technology and very easy to learn.
  • React JS is fast because it works on Virtual DOM and rendering optimization
  • Proper support is available for PWA and SSR.
  • The components of React JS make it flexible and reliable because it works on reusability. It also makes the management of complex infrastructure easier.
  • React comes with One way data binding, which helps a lot in debugging.

Quick View React JS Vs Angular JS

Release of Product
Founded By
Solution Type
JavaScript + TypeScript
Full Backward Compatibility
Need to install updates
Data Binding

How is Linearloop your perfect choice?

Linearloop is the leading front-end web development company of the era. Our front-end development services include Angular web development and React web development.

Also, the consistent effort has given us recognition of progressive front-end Development companies. Furthermore at Linearloop, we have dynamic talents who even go beyond the limits in order to meet the requirement of the project.

Also, you have read a comparison between React JS Vs Angular JS, but we have expertise in both technologies. Hence whatever technology you need for your project, we are at our toes to work for you.

Final Conclusion

Hope you understood the difference between React Vs Angular. Furthermore, technologies are driving the present era. We are an established IT company and very well aware of the leading web solutions.

At the same time, we would also like to share that each technology has its own identity and benefit for the project. Great brains are behind the specific programming concepts.

It must have its own worth and virtue. Selecting any technology should be based on the requirement and expectations of the client. One should consider the ability of the development company as well.

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