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React vs Vue: Which Framework to Choose in 2022?

JavaScript is the most preferred choice of front-end developers because it offers a dynamic framework, strong functionalities, effective libraries, and quick development.
We are an experienced software development company in USA & India and we know the potential of JavaScript.
Being in the industries for more than a decade, we have realized, developers give preference to the technology from where they can get easy and result-driven functionalities. And nothing came better than JavaScript.
Do you know why are we emphasizing JavaScript? Today, two dynamic frameworks React and Vue.js will be compared in order to check which one of them is best.
Our experience says, each technology has its own significance and its selection is dependent upon the requirement.
Here, we will cover React.js vs Vue.js based on certain parameters. So, developers can refer to these parameters while making a selection between React & Vue.
Further, always understand the project’s demand thoroughly and then select the required technology.
Being an experienced & best web development company in India, we always recommend choosing technology based on the client’s expectation and requirement of the project.
We have seen many cases where developers don’t bother about the project’s requirement and simply choose any of the frameworks. Later on, they regret their choice that leads the development in the wrong direction. Hence always go smart.

What is React.js?

Facebook has introduced the concept in the year 2013. Basically, React is a JS-based library and a widely used framework for project development. The market share of React is 2.9%. Further, developers can build complex UI using React.js
React offers flexibility to the developments. And to communicate with HTML documents it used virtual DOM. Also, the speed of development is fast because of one-way data binding.
We have delivered lots of React.js projects, & known as a preferred React.js development company in India & USA.
So if you are looking to develop a dynamic application hire React.js developers in India now and give a direction to your idea.

What is Vue.js?

Evan You has developed Vue.js in the year 2014. If you want to develop any lightweight or single-page application, Vue.js is the preferred option. The market share of Vue.js is 0.7% which is comparatively lower than React.
Vue.js works using virtual DOM and provides two-way data binding. Because of versatile features, developers become able to build their projects efficiently. Our Vue.js developers have efficiently executed countless projects across the world.
Because of our quality delivery and consistent approach, we are entitled as the foremost Vue.js development company in India

Difference between Vue.js and React.js

There are significant differences in Vue vs React performance and other parameters. We will monitor all these parameters one by one and draw a conclusion on which JavaScript frame is best.

Working Approach:

React works using JSX and provides DOM manipulations. It also facilitates components and component state management because of which experienced developers prefer working with React. New developers may ignore the framework to work.
On the other hand, Vue.js works using HTML templates along with JSX. The concept increases the pace of development but sometimes creates complications.


If we compare the performance of React and Vue, the speed of Vue is a bit faster than React. Developers can operate Vue at 80 KB and React at 100 KB.
Further, the difference is not that significant because both of them use DOM and hence their performance is almost equal.
Hence if performance is your key parameter, you can choose any of them because there is no noticeable difference in the performance. There is no clear winner on the basis of speed and performance. Considering the requirement document, developers should make their decision.

Community Support:

Community support is one of the considerable factors that determine the selection of the framework. Vue.js and React.js, both offer great community support. Developers get complete assistance during development.
However, as we have stated above, Facebook has developed React and its community is too large. Further, many leading tools are maintained by React community.
As far as Vue.js is concerned, the framework is new as compared to React. Evan You has developed Vue and he has not that much solid backup in terms of community range.
Although the technology is getting famous and popular and it will take time to reach the level of React.
So, when community support comes, React wins because of its massive size.


The size of an application matters a lot because the speed is dependent on the load. If the application is heavier, obviously its speed will be compromised and we never prefer the same. Hence, we will analyze React Vs. Vue in terms of size.
Sometimes, React needs third-party libraries to incorporate new features. As a result, the overall speed of the application becomes a little bit slower.
However, Vue.js has numerous in-built functions and they do not need any third-party help. Hence the speed of the Vue.js application is faster as compared to React.js
So, when size is the parameter, Vue.js wins.

Learning Curve:

How fast developers can understand the technology comes under the learning curve. Developers prefer technology that is easy to understand because updates are the integrated part of any framework.
Developers find React a little bit difficult because it is dependent on a third party. The documentation is available for all the implementation and new developers find it a bit challenging.
Vue.js counters all the problems faced by the developers and provides a user-friendly environment to execute the projects. Further, they have proper solutions to clear the doubts of the developers.
So, based on the learning curve comparison, Vue.js is the winner.

Desktop & Mobile Development:

React Native supports the development of mobile applications for Android and iOS. Also, the option is always preferred to develop cross-platform applications because it saves time, cost, and effort.
On the other hand, Vue.js is associated with Weex which is still in the development phase. It supports cross-platform UI frameworks like React. Being in the development the concept needs more testing to get complete assurance.
In terms of desktop & mobile applications, React.js is the winner.
We have mentioned the difference between Vue.js and React.js in the most significant way. Developers can select any of the two depending on their needs.
Our extensive range of services includes Vue.js and React.js development services in India & USA.
Further, you can hire a Vue.js developer or React.js developer from Linearloop as we are a leading Web Development Company in USA. Our development cost is competitive as per the market standards.
Try our JavaScript-based services and experience the difference. If you have any queries, feel free to connect.

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