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What Is Front End Developer? Roles and Responsibilities of Front End Developer

The web development task is bifurcated into front-end development and backend development. The execution of both the sections is different and in the end, they are integrated. So today we will specifically discuss what is front-end development and the skills of a front-end developer.
Furthermore, for the candidates who are looking to explore their career as a front-end developer, we have mentioned a section on how to become a front-end developer. Hence read the blog and collect the required information.
Apart from that, if any query comes regarding the front-developer skills or front-developer salary, feel free to contact us. Being an experienced front-end development company, we will guide you in a better way.

What is a front-end developer?

The front-end developers basically work for the visibility of the web application. Their code practices revolve around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Front-end development is also called client-side development. 
Implementation of APs is the main responsibility of a front-end developer. They need to assure the smooth running of API with the required passing of data. Further, simply implementing API is not enough, they need to verify the performance of API against various inputs.
If any gap comes, the Front-End developer has to inform the backend team, and hence they need continuous support from backend developers. Backend developers provide them required API and other inputs to run the functionalities of a web application as per the requirement.
Do you know the objectives of front-end developers? Here you go. Whenever a web application or a website is developed, the ultimate aim is to navigate the users in a proper direction. Also, the users should be comfortable with the website in terms of accessibility and readability.
Hence, the main aim or responsibility of a front developer is to facilitate these concepts practically. They need to work on the user interface by keeping the maximum possible resolutions in mind. Nowadays we have lot more options in terms of screen resolutions and all should be followed.
A front developer has to ensure the uniformness of the web application across all the browsers. Sometimes, we see, a website does well in Google Chrome but got crashed in Mozilla Firefox. But it should not be the case.
A web product should behave the same across all the browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices. We know it is challenging but with the help of QA, a front-end developer has to achieve it in any manner otherwise the web application will not go live.
Moreover, as we know technology is constantly changing and so with front-end development. Hence, a front-end developer should be active enough to focus on new front-end development technology.
As we know, the IT sector is growing rapidly as a result of which competition increases. Hence to remain ahead, front-end developers should keep learning new concepts because the field is getting upgraded frequently. 

Roles and Responsibilities of front-end developer:

What is the purpose of front-end developers and why do companies hire them? Here we will get the answer to the question. Let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities. 
A front-end developer has to determine
  • UI features of a web application.
  • Design of the web application.
  • The reusable code.
  • The optimization of load time.
  • Features to enhance of user-experience.
  • The consist branding.
  • The balance between aesthetic design and functional implementation.

Front-End Developer Skills:

Linearloop is one of the top front-end development companies in India and the USA. And we are quite aware of the market’s expectations. So, now will discuss the skillset of front-end developers.
Depending upon these mentioned skills, aspirants can apply for the job. Also, the front developers earn a handsome salary. And by the year 2026, it is expected that the jobs will be raised by 15%.
Also, at Linearloop we offer front-development services in India and worldwide. You can apply to our company as well. If things go well, we hire front-end developers.
HTML, CSS & JavaScript: 

Being in the field of software development, you must be knowing about HTML and CSS. They are the basics of any online product. The design of a website is built using HTML and CSS. 

With HTML, a web page is made while with CSS the page is styled. The layout, font, color, look & feel, etc are decided on the basis of HTML and CSS only. Apart from that, the knowledge of JavaScript is equally important. 
With JavaScript, developers can implement interactive features like Audio, Video, Games, Scrolling, Animation, etc. These concepts are the need of the time by the way. No one prefers simple designs.
Hence to become a front developer, the candidate must have a strong understanding of these three concepts.
Another important skill set is Angular. The framework came into existence in the year 2009 and because of its features, the technology has gained lots of attention. So, if you develop your skill set in Angular, you can become an exceptional front-end developer.
We at Linearloop also work using Angular as a front-end technology and hence know its demand. The framework is reliable, consistent, and accessible. Renowned applications such as Netflix, PayPal, Upwork, etc. are developed using Angular.
React is also a good option to become a front-end developer. Developers can easily create UI (user interface) with the help of React. Industries are highly inclined towards technology because it offers fast and dynamic web applications quickly.
Also, it holds a feature where DOM is automatically updated and responds to the request of the users. In all the front-end technologies, React is quite popular.
Vue is also a promising front-end technology; aspirants can also make their career in it. The framework was founded in the year 2014 and with exceptional achievements, it became of the favorite choices of the developers. 
Vue follows the MVVM architectural approach. Further, the concept is too light and very easy to implement. Applications like Laravel, Gitlab, Behance, and 9gag are developed using Vue. So, if you are interested to become front end developer, enhance your skills in the Vue framework.


Linearloop is one of the growing front-end development companies in India. Utilizing our decades of experience, we have mentioned major things about the front-end developers and their required skill set.
We have also mentioned the roles and responsibilities of front-end developers to keep the fresh talent aware. Hence, we hope the above-written content will help you decide on your professional journey.
Furthermore, we offer dynamic front-end development services across the globe. Hence if you are looking for a web development company in India or to hire front-end developers in India, we are your exclusive service partner.
Feel free to connect. We are here to solve your queries. Have a great time ahead!

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