Guide to TypeScript vs JavaScript: Which Language to Use?

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Sep 14, 20236 min read

Guide to TypeScript vs JavaScript: Which Language to Use?

We have discussed the comparison between various technologies in our previous blogs like React vs Node & many more. Following the same approach today we will get to know about the difference between TypeScript & JavaScript. 

Firstly, we will learn both concepts individually and later will do an analysis of their differences. So those who are searching for TypeScript vs JavaScript should stay here and read the entire blog.

Additionally, developers who are new in the industry may get to know about TypeScript as a new programming language and it has gained lots of appreciation since the time of its foundation in 2012.

Moreover, If you think TypeScript is a standalone programming language, you are wrong.

Basically, TypeScript is the Superset of JavaScript. Confused with Superset? Let us explain this to you.

Superset refers to an extension in the programming language in terms of features and capabilities. Or in a simpler way you can say, codes written in JavaScript will perform the same in TypeScript. 

So, for those who are aware of JavaScript, TypeScript will not be a big game for them. Linearloop is a well-known web development company in India & USA and we work following TypeScript & JavaScript.

Let’s go for TypeScript vs JavaScript individually:

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is quite popular and we do not need to explain much. The scripting language is a prototype-based, client-side, cross-platform language. Brendan Eich created the concept in 1995. 

Moreover, JavaScript is widely used for front-end development. With this scripting language, we get a robust, interactive, appealing, and dynamic interface for the website.

Furthermore, we can perform all kinds of checks here because of being dynamically typed.

And because of being dynamically typed, it enhances the efficiency of the developers by allowing them to write fewer codes. This means with JavaScript; projects get completed conveniently. Apart from that, dynamically typed programming languages are usually more flexible in nature.

Another feature of JavaScript is its no demand for additional resources for the execution because one can execute the same on the web browser itself. And the relaxing thing, you can debug the errors at once in spite of following the longer route.

Being a leading and well-established web development company in USA & India, we keep following the latest approach to technology. So, we know that multiple updations are done to JavaScript. And in the present time, you can create mind-blowing games following the scripting language.

Do you know JavaScript has a huge and active community along with detailed documentation that helps developers during need? Apart from that, it has libraries and frameworks that ease the developer’s job.

As we have stated above, JavaScript allows developers to write less code and it is so because it supports client-side APIs. And this reason makes the programming language the preferred choice of the developers.

Developers do not consider JavaScript as an Object-Oriented Programming Language but they will be surprised to know that it offers strong support for the same. So, guys, we have briefly mentioned the concepts of JavaScript and hope you have understood the same.

Moreover, if you have any doubts regarding JavaScript, feel free to connect. Also, if you are looking to hire JavaScript developers in India or USA, we are your exclusive service partner.

What is TypeScript?

Originally, TypeScript was developed by Microsoft in the year 2010 as an internal product but they made it public in 2012 on GitHub. Being the strict superset of JavaScript, any program written in JS will run as a TypeScript program too.

The approach of TypeScript is different from JavaScript because it is statically typed. It audits the behavior of code or variables before you execute the code. Here you can declare the value even without specifying its type of it. 

It is so because TypeScript automatically generates the type for that particular variable by default. And this phenomenon is called type interference which acts as a built-in feature for other programming languages such as Scala and Kotlin.

We exist in the industry for more than a decade and we have successfully delivered many projects across the globe in TypeScript. Using our dynamic years of experience, and best practices, we have explained the concept in detail.

Also, if you are looking to hire TypeScript developers, feel free to contact us.

TypeScript vs JavaScript: The Key Differences to Know

Year of release

  • TypeScript: TypeScript was released in the year 2012.
  • JavaScript: TypeScript was released in the year 1995.

Programming Language

  • TypeScript: Compiles to JavaScript.
  • JavaScript: It is an independent language.


  • TypeScript: Static Typing along with strongly typed.
  • JavaScript: Dynamic typing with weakly typed.


  • TypeScript: Programmers can’t run it on the web browsers.
  • JavaScript: Programmers can run the code directly on the web browsers.

Learning Curve

  • TypeScript: Little difficult to learn hence learning curve is steep.
  • JavaScript: Easy to understand, learn and implement.


  • TypeScript: The community is still in the growing phase.
  • JavaScript: Large community with active resources.


  • TypeScript: Documentation is not as expected.
  • JavaScript: Detailed documentation.

Project Type

  • TypeScript: Best for large-scale projects.
  • JavaScript: Best for small projects.

TypeScript vs JavaScript 2022

We have seen the traditional comparison between Typescript and JavaScript. Now considering the current time, we need to understand the concepts as well. See, technologies are continuously updating hence we need to figure out the performance of TypeScript and JavaScript in 2022.

People who think learning any of these concepts will help them for both, are wrong. TypeScript is not the replacement for JS.  Yes, those who are experienced with JS, can learn TypeScript quickly.

If you are working on a bigger requirement, go with TypeScript. And for smaller projects, we will recommend using JavaScript. Also, if you have a new team always start with JS and if you are satisfied with the JS experience of your team, then you might go for TypeScript as well.

Furthermore, TypeScript popularity in 2022 is not hidden. According to the reports, TypeScript is one of the 20 languages that has taken the biggest jump as it jumped a whopping 4.64% points.

TypeScript in 2021 was listed by 30.19% of respondents and now in 2022, it has reached to 34.83%.

Is TypeScript worth learning in 2022?

By being in the industry for more than a decade we believe learning is always worthwhile. Also, as you have seen the popularity of TypeScript is keep on rising and when you learn any leading or growing technology, it always boosts your career.

TypeScript vs JavaScript Performance

Developers are quite aware of the fact; JS takes a lot of time for execution and is the slowest language whereas TypeScript executes quickly.

If we keep only performance as a parameter, TypeScript is better than JavaScript because it runs faster from the aspect of speed as well as scaling of the devices.

When should you go with JS:

The question of adoption is very common. And here we are mentioning the conditions in which you should go with JavaScript. Developers should select JS, when

  • The size of the project is small.
  • They need build tools.
  • Strong test workflow.
  • They have type dependencies.

When should you go with TS (TypeScript):

If the project has the following features, opt for TS:

  • The project size is big.
  • Code needs proper management.
  • Developers need precise defining via typing.

TypeScript vs JavaScript code example

Code is written in JavaScript:

function getPassword(clearTextPassword) {
	if(clearTextPassword) {
    	return 'password';
	return '********';
let password = getPassword('false'); // "password"

Code is written in JavaScript:

function getPassword(clearTextPassword: boolean) : string {
if(clearTextPassword) {
    	return 'password';
return '********';


We have explained the best guide for TypeScript and JavaScript. Linearloop is an established eCommerce development company in USA and has delivered many projects implementing JS and TS.

Also, you can connect with us to hire TypeScript or JavaScript developers in India and USA. Furthermore, if any doubt comes up either for JavaScript or Typescript, feel free to get in touch.

Learning can never be harmful so if you are eager to learn TypeScript, go for it.  Keep Learning and Enjoy Learning!

TypeScript vs JavaScript Performance

TypeScript vs JavaScript

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