ReactJS Vs React Native: What’s the Difference?

Mayank Patel

Mayank Patel

Sep 14, 20234 min read

ReactJS Vs React Native: What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference between technologies helps programmers to implement the right one. So today we have brought the comparison between ReactJS and React Native.

Both of the technologies are developed by Facebook and they have gained immense popularity in a short time.

To create the structure of an web application, React.js is used which is a JS (JavaScipt) library of reusable components. And React Native supports developing native mobile applications using reusable components.

At Linearloop, we develop work on both technologies and we are in the position to put light on React vs React Native. Moreover, we will explore the React vs React Native salary of the developers.

Both of the technologies are heavily being used at the corporate level for the development of web and mobile-based applications. Knowing the difference between React.js and React Native will improve the quality of your code.  

Features of ReactJS

Blazing Speed With DOM: 

One of the unique features of ReactJS is its capability to deliver the fast speed of the application through DOM (Document Object Model). Do you know how it happens?

Reactjs builds an in-memory DS (Data Structure) cache that contains the final differences after which it updates the displayed DOM of the browser.

Moreover, programmers think that the entire page of the code will get rendered after the change is made but in reality, only the modified part of the code is rendered.

And because of this specific feature, Reactjs is favored to develop mobile applications, compared to other leading technologies of the era.

Components-Based Architecture:  

ReactJS follows component-based architecture that saves time that further enhances the overall development speed. Furthermore, the architectural model uses the single pieces of the large UI and then converts them into individual (independent) micro-systems.

You can understand it very well with an example. We know that Facebook is behind the foundation of ReactJS. Suppose, the section of messenger needs some changes. In such a case, only the required component will be re-used rather than the entire UI.

Empowers Search Results: 

Because of server-side rendering, Reactjs enhances the search results across various search engines. It attracts more users and contributes enough for engaging organic traffic. 

In this case, content and images are already rendered by the bot of Google, as a result of which the speed of indexing and caching increases. It excels in the overall performance of the website from the perspective of SEO.

Moreover, if the web page is directly indexed by Google, the load time decreases. The concept enhances the user experience. Also, both indexing methods enhance the ranking on search engines. 

Large Size Ecosystem: 

Whenever we discuss any technology, the community size is always considered. It helps developers throughout the development process by solving their doubts.

In Reactjs, we have a huge community of technocrats who are experienced enough to solve your queries. The large community empowers the technology, as a result of which it becomes the most recommended option for development.

We are a well-known ReactJS development company in India and using our best practices, we have mentioned its best features. As the blog is about React vs React Native so in the coming section, we will discuss the same.

Features of React Native

Platform-centric code:

The most exciting and unique feature of React Native is its ability to generate code specific to the platform. Whenever a programmer decides on the app or web development, the React Native technology automatically detects the platform for execution.

With this feature, developers favor the technology because it is known to generate accurate code depending on the platform.

Easy for Front-End Web Developers:

The concept is easy for front-end developers because React Native involves JavaScript Additionally, the front-end developers are well versed in the utilization of JavaScript in the form of platform APIs, native user-interface elements, designing patterns, etc.

Hence, the learning curve for front-end developers is easier here and they can create the applications without putting much effort. Moreover, even if you are a non-programmer, you can build the applications effortlessly.

Hot Reloading Time Reduces Development Time:

React Native technology comes with a hot reloading feature as a result of which the development time reduces. It gives flexibility to the developers to reload mobile apps automatically.

And when any technology saves time by pacing the development process, it gains the attention of IT companies.

We are also one of the experienced React Native app development companies in India and we have already developed lots of mobile apps using the technology.

React Native has Ready-To-Use Libraries:

To make the user experience smoother and more satisfying React Native comes with component UI Libraries. The ready-to-use libraries improve the overall performance of the website by easing the development process.

Comparison Between ReactJS and React Native 2022

Being an experienced and leading React Native Mobile App Development Company in India, we have mentioned the features of Reactjs and React Native.

Now, depending upon certain elements, we are mentioning some major differences between these frameworks.


Utilizing our best practices we have transparently analyzed the concepts of Reactjs and React Native. We have experts on both technologies.

So, whether you are looking for a ReactJS development company in India or React Native App Development Company in India, we are your exclusive service partner.

So guys, if any doubt comes, feel free to connect. Moreover, we will keep bringing such topics to add more flavors to your bucket of knowledge. Keep browsing!

ReactJS Vs React Native

Mayank Patel
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