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Mobile App Design Fundamentals: Difference between UI and UX

The first impression is the best impact, and it is 100% applicable when your business is showcased through mobile apps. If your mobile app is alluring and easily accessible, a software and website design company can expect to build a continuous relationship within 15 seconds.

An aesthetic mobile app design is the key to turn your visitors into customers, and there is no alternative to that. Technically, a mobile app design combines two elements UI and UX design services, which are the attributes of User Interface and User Experience.

Although it looks similar, UI does not mean the same as UX. Instead, we can say that UI design is a part of UX design. If the UI is about the interaction between the user and the user through the application, then UX deals with the user’s experience with that interaction. 

Therefore, UX design is more about functionality, while UI is related to creating an aesthetic interface, i.e., presentation. The experienced UI & UX consultant can help you exaggerate the accurate elements of user experience and user interface. 

Thus, UI & UX design services also require different technical skills. However, the ultimate goal is to create an app that is best for end-users.

So, what are the mobile app design guidelines that can help you create the right mobile app for business users? Let’s explore!

What is UX design?

User experience design, commonly known as UX design, refers to designing significant and relevant outcomes for users. It entails the comprehensive process of integrating and procuring the product in accord with the branding, usability and functionality.

UX design covers Usability aligned design, appealing visuals, planned user research, well-organized architecture and interaction design. 

What is UI Design?

User interface design, popularly known as UI design, is the process designers apply to create interfaces in software, web apps, focusing on the appearances or style. In this process, the designers tend to create design interfaces that are easy to use.

UI design covers graphical details like logo, shape, colour, size, space, texture, images and other voice-controlled interfaces.

UI Design Vs. UX Design- What's the difference?

Hopefully, you are now starting to see UI and UX design as two very different elements. In a software and website design company, UI design and UX design work hand-in-hand, and the design of any digital product is incomplete without these two.

Check out the following points to understand the difference between UI & UX design services in detail.

  • UX design is all about identifying and solving problems. At the same time, UI design is all about creating intuitive and aesthetic and interactive interfaces.
  • UX design generally comes first in the product development life cycle and then UI design. The UX designers map out all the mobile app or web design elements for a seamless user journey. UI designers then finish it in with aesthetic visuals and factors.
  • UX design can apply to any products, services or experiences, while UI design is specific only to digital products and experiences.


Nowadays, UX is the common term used at the corporate level. It’s common that the professionals mix them and use them interchangeably.

Although the field of UX design will continue to unfold, it is necessary to recognise the vital role of UI & UX design services play in a more extensive role for creating human-centric design.

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