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Wireframe vs Mockup vs Prototype – What’s the Difference?

Do you what is the difference between Wireframe, Prototype, and Mockup? So many of us consider all these phenomena the same, but that is wrong. Each terminology has its own significance. Also, in UI/UX designing world, these terms are frequently used. 
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Also, if you are looking to be a great UI/UX developer, you must have transparent knowledge about the difference between Wireframe, Prototype, and Mockup.
As we know, the development of any product depends on its design. And creative team makes designs in various stages so that they could meet clients’ expectations. 
Here the ultimate aim is to win the client’s confidence by giving him an idea about the product’s look and feel in advance. For example, a company is given a task to develop an Education Application. 
At the very first stage, designers build Wireframe, Mockups, and Prototypes. It helps the client to get an idea about the complete appearance and flexibility of the application in advance. Further, he can also make the required corrections at this stage.
However, people use these terms interchangeably, and this leads the confusion. The purpose of all these elements is the same but has a unique role in product development. 
In this competitive world, you must have the right understanding, and it further enhances your professionalism. So, let’s know about Wireframe vs. Mockup vs. Prototype. And from next time, you should use the right word for the right job.

Wireframe vs. Mockup vs. Prototype

Before knowing their differences, firstly we should understand each one them individually. Also, the individual definition will strengthen the fundamental of UI/UX designers. 
Wireframe: A wireframe is a rough representation of an application. It helps build a layout and outline structure of the end product following the requirement document. Also, a wireframe visualizes the concepts running in the client’s mind. 
Further, a wireframe does not focus on minutiae things but covers all the required features. Usually, a wireframe is created with lines, boxes, and placeholders. You can understand it as a blueprint of any product. 
With the help of a wireframe, the technical team gets concrete detail of the project. It also helps to understand the flow of development. Hence, for a result-driven development process, a wireframe is essential.

Why do you need Wireframe?

We have stated earlier, a wireframe is the blueprint of an application, and it enables the team to make decisions during development. Further, it reduces the risk factor by giving time to think and resonate the entire concept. Corporates create wireframes before going for development because
Offers interaction: A wireframe contains the idea of a project, and its representation strikes in one’s mind quickly. It means the whole team gets a picture of the product merely by seeing the wireframe. Further, they can raise doubts, feasibility issues, etc. at this stage.
Easy to develop: Building a wireframe is the simplest job. You can even use your pen and paper in order to design the wireframe. A wireframe intends to deliver the whole concept and flow of a project.
Minimal cost: As the development of the wireframe takes the least time, its cost is extremely minimal. And when you use free wireframe tools, the cost becomes negligible.
Mockup: Mockups come under high-fidelity design as it represents the entire functions of an application. They are different from Wireframes because they are more like an end product. 
Mockup gives you a complete look and feel of the end product but, does not include real functioning. No clicks will work. Further, Mockups help investors and other stakeholders to get the complete appearance of the application. 
If we compare Mockup and Wireframe, Mockup contains more UI elements and visualization. Additionally, Wireframe is a rough sketch of the application, whereas Mockup contains real visualization without clickable features. 
Further, Mockups offer a more realistic impression to the clients because they are enriched with colors, typography, styles, and graphics. They also include actual buttons along with texts.

Why do you need Mockups?

Mockups are the upgraded version of Wireframes. It has its own significance. Here are the specific reasons that explain the need for Mockup. Advantages of Mockup include:
Contains detailed information: Mockups are potentially rich with all the components and look like a finished product. Also, they contain detailed information on each and every screen including minute details.
Gives clear vision to investors & stakeholders: Merely by seeing the Mockups, all the stakeholders, clients, and investors get a clear vision of the end product. Also, they get the look and feel of the end product.
Easy to develop and saves cost: Mockups are easy to develop using any UI designing tool. Further, it saves cost because clients can share their feedback here only. And if they make changes during real-time development, cost increases.
Prototype: So far, we have understood the wireframe and Mockup. Now we need to understand what a Prototype is? Andhow is Prototype different from Wireframe & Mockup? 
A prototype is the closest to the end product compared to the above two. It comes under high-fidelity UI designs that are enriched with animations and interactions. It acts the same as a product before going to production.
The main difference between a wireframe and a prototype is the level of interaction. The wireframe is merely a rough sketch of the flow of an application, and the Prototype is the same as the finished product where end users can share their feedback.
Further, it facilitates user interaction testing. It means, through the prototype, the testing team can check the user experience level of an application.
As per the experts, Prototypes are incredibly advantageous because it is an excellent way to gather the public’s response. Also, early prototyping saves huge development costs because modifications are effortless at this stage.

Why do you need a Prototype?

With the above-written content, you must have understood that prototypes deliver a more realistic experience to the clients. Benefits of implementing prototypes include:
Better User Experience: User experience holds a strong place in software development. With prototyping, we get an opportunity to validate the same. From here, one can analyze whether the product is meeting the expectation or not?
Helps to find potential issues: As prototype contains more UI, thus allowing you to explore the UI from ground level. Further, it encourages the team to come up with a better user experience approach.
Seek client’s attention: As compared to Wireframes and Mockups, Prototypes are more interactive and closer to the finished product, hence it gets the client’s attention quickly. It also allows them to experience the application personally and share their feedback.


So, guys, we have individually mentioned each of the terminologies in detail. We hope now you will be able to understand the primary difference between the wireframe prototype and mockup. Also, those who are interested in UI/UX field should keep this clarity for sure. 
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We sincerely hope you guys are safe in this pandemic. We will meet again with the new blogs, so stay tuned and keep browsing!

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