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Top 10 E-commerce Trends of 2022

The last two years were a roller coaster ride for all of us. The pandemic has changed the perspective of the whole world. If we see the positive side, lots of ideas have taken birth in which new technology trends in e-commerce. 
Being a known and trustworthy e-commerce website development company in India, we are here with the latest trends in E-commerce.
As we know the perspective of end-users has also changed and we need to meet their expectations to stabilize the business.
Hence if you are exploring some ideas to innovate your website, this is the right place. We have covered the latest technical approach to make an e-commerce platform a better place to shop. Further, one should always be in sync with the new updates.

Latest Trends in E-commerce

1. Mobile-Friendly:

As we know, mobiles are an integral part of daily routine and more than 80% of the audience search for things on their mobile devices. Hence, an E-commerce portal should be friendly and interactive across all mobile devices.

By being in the industry, we know, that whatever is in demand, should never be ignored. The quantum of mobile users is exponentially increasing and hence businesses must generate opportunities from there.
Developers who are building an E-commerce website should focus on mobile optimization as well. The mobile E-commerce website should be comfortable enough from where one could shop easily.

2. BNPL (Buy Now & Pay Later):

This is the most exciting trend for E-commerce platforms because the option eases the life of a consumer. Using this model, shoppers are not required to pay all amount at once. They can pay in easy installments in a fixed period of time.

We know, budget management is a primary job of all the individuals and when they see some overbudget products, usually people ignore them. At the same time, if they have an offer of easy installments, their mind gets diverted and as a result, the business generates.
As per an analysis, it has been seen, that the BNPL model has boosted the sales and size of the order value in the recent years. Hence being an experienced eCommerce website development company in India we recommend following this latest trend in e-commerce.

3. Meeting Consumer’s Expectations:

Covid has changed the perspective of the entire world and the virus is accompanying us now. The user behavior and their expectation are completely changed now. So, we need to follow the pattern that eases the users’ search and browsing activities.

E-commerce Automation is something that has the power to increase the momentum of sales at the store. Whenever user searches, the platform should be smart enough to offer bot support. A bot’s ultimate aim is that a user should not get lost. 
The platform should recommend relatable products to the consumers based on their choices. From login to check out all the processes should be in synchronization. And if in case return comes, the system must have dedicated provision for the same.

4. E-commerce channelization via Social Media:

Social Commerce is gaining lots of attention and is counted as the latest trend in E-commerce. The craze for social media is not hidden and businesses are getting huge benefits through them.

When your online store is shown via social media channels, it enhances your visibility across the globe. Even those who are not interested in buying the product, sometimes find your product interesting on social media. Hence social commerce should be integrated while developing an online shopping platform.

5. Live Shopping Feature: 

Live shopping has appeared as a new technology trend in E-commerce. When products are sold or displayed during a live session, people become more excited because they find it relevant and convincing.

Further, we have developed many E-commerce websites having live shopping features and people have admired them a lot. And we are entitled as a leading Ecommerce Development Company in the US.
Also, we know, an E-commerce is developed with an expectation of a heavy footfall of users. This expectation can only be fulfilled if you follow all the required dynamics during development. Live shopping is feature is one of the more required trends of E-commerce development and one should implement the same definitely.

6. Implementation of video content:

Another, of the latest trends in E-commerce, is the integration of video content. Nowadays video channels are heavily being used by marketers as well because it has the potential to bring business.

Analytics show, that in the year 2020, 46% of video content is explored and the count had increased to 62% in 2021. From here we can project, that video content will continue playing a significant role in the success of E-commerce businesses.
Following the same approach during E-commerce development opens the door to success. Hence if you are planning for an E-commerce platform, make sure the provision video content.

7. Ecommerce with Voice Search:

You must be aware of Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, etc. They have eased human life by just following what you say. There is no manual effort involved and we get what we want.

The concept should be implemented in the E-commerce portal as well. With voice search, users find comfort while shopping. Technology is made for the easiness of the users and we should take the advantage. So make your E-commerce platform more interactive with Voice Search.

8. Chat Bot:

The traffic on the E-commerce platform automatically increases when a user gets proper guidance and attention. Also, chatbots are one of the demanding new technology trends in the E-commerce world.

Our journey as an eCommerce website development company in the USA is quite significant and successful. It is only because we develop user-friendly and responsive products. Thus we recommend using efficient chatbots that are smart enough to entertain users’ queries.

9. Versatile Payment Methods: 

The E-commerce portal should have dynamic, consistent, and result-driven payment methods. The payment system is one of the modules that build trust and hence it must be flexible.

Make sure, your E-commerce website should have almost all the renowned payment gateways. Don’t forget to add UPI and cash provisions. If there is any difficulty in the development of this module, you can hire eCommerce developers in India & USA from Linearloop.

10. Smart Subscription Models:

Last but not the least, smart subscription models are the recent technologies and demanding as well. The model is goal-oriented and it also increases the rate of engagement on the platform.
All the business owners are recommended to follow this latest trend of the smart subscription model. And if you have any doubt, we are here to help.


Utilizing our years’ experience as a leading E-commerce development company in India and USA, we have shared the new technology trends for E-commerce. Also, we have experts in our team who have delivered exceptional products. 
Further, we are available with full support and you can hire an eCommerce developer in India & USA. Let us know if we can interact on the same.

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