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Why is React Native First Choice of Startups for App Development?

A survey was conducted in the year 2020 that has shown approximately 42% of developers have used React Native globally. And it is the 3rd demanding framework after Kotlin and Android Architecture Components.
We are one of the well-known React Native development companies in India and today we will discuss the popularity of React Native along with its advantages.
As we are a constant provider of React Native App development services in India, we know these facts & data precisely.
If you are a start-up and looking to offer smart services to users, React Native is the best solution. It is the framework with cross-platform solutions.
Moreover, it helps offer a seamless experience to mobile users of Android and iOS.

What is React Native?

React Native is a well-known framework that enables developers to build rendered Android & iOS applications. Basically, it is a mobile app framework based on JavaScript. Do you know who is behind the React Native technology?
Facebook had introduced the concept in the year 2015. Also, it is open-source and works on the concept of building web-based ideas as mobile applications.
Moreover, by implementing the same code, developers can build the applications for various mobile-based operating systems.
React Native is one of the trending development frameworks 2022 because it facilitates building outstanding applications across various platforms without impacting the quality.
Also, the features that make the technology more demanding are reusability, reloading, third-party plugin integration, etc.
Leading tech giants like Instagram, Bloomberg, Discord, Skype, Tesla, Walmart, etc. are developed following the concept of React Native.

Why should a startup choose React Native App Development?

The mobile world is continuously expanding and in order to sustain your mobile application development company, you must select evolving technology. See, being a startup, you are already involved in various things and hence you should keep your offerings simple yet result-oriented.
Further, being a startup, you don’t have time to perform experiments. Hence to strengthen the foundation, the startup should hire skilled React Native developers. Also, make sure quality delivery for each project and give your best to make the client happy.
Let’s know the advantages of React Native framework so that you could be assured. We know, a start-up has lots of queries in mind.

Benefits of React Native development:

Fast development:
Because of the feature of code reusability, the applications are quickly built for multiple platforms. Also, approximately 90% code is the same for all the platforms.
So, you get your application in the shortest frame of time compare to other technologies.
As a result, the applications are launched quickly. Further, this reason attracts many developers and startups who want their applications within a short time.
As we know, time is the biggest constraint of the era and everybody is running behind it. So, if the users get solutions in a limited time, it makes them happy and satisfied.
Code Reusability:
React Native offers code reusability because of which mobile applications develop quickly. For Android & iOS, one can use the same code that further saves time & effort. Further, if you are a start-up, you must adopt this kind of smart solution.
As we know, in the traditional app development method, developers are required to write separate code for each mobile platform.
But this is not the case with React Native and hence leading technology companies to prefer implementing this programming language.
Time & Cost Efficient:
A startup has to focus on cost and time management because at this early stage one cannot afford to lose any of them. Also, keep in mind that millions of your competitors are also gearing up to give you a tough fight.
So always choose something that is cost-effective, seamless, and effortless. And based on these parameters, React Native is the preferred option for mobile app development services.
Using the same code for Android and iOS companies saves lots of effort and cost. Now it is your turn.
Excellent UI/UX appearance:
User experience matters the most whenever any application is launched in the market. And React Native provides an excellent user experience for all mobile users.
Hence you can be assured from the perspective of UI/UX experience with React Native.
Further building an attractive interface is not a big deal with React Native. It offers a smooth, appealing, engaging, and attractive UI for mobile applications.
React Native Developers:

As we have stated above React Native is based on JavaScript and we believe every app and web development company has JavaScript experts.

Further, the resources for React Native mobile app development services are easily available in the market. Hence adopting React Native is not even challenging from a resource point of view.

Third-Party Plugins Support:
Implementing React Native facilitates excellent support for third-party plugins. Also, their comprehensive range of plugins adds flavor to the mobile application.
Further, these plugins can be integrated with existing modules as a result of which you get an awesome application enriched with features.


We have mentioned the benefits of React Native and being a start-up you must go with it. Further, being a dedicated React Native development company in India we always recommend the best things for the technical world.
However, we know start-up comes with lots of dreams, expectations, and enthusiasm. We were also at that stage a few years ago. Hence gathering our experience, we have brought the best technology for a startup in India & USA.
Always focus on your goal and give your best to deliver the best. No matter what the circumstances are, you should always push your limits. And we are always here with quick assistance. Hence never hesitate to contact us for any queries.
Further, if you are willing to hire react native developers in India & USA, our resources are the best-suited choice. Let us know if we can help in many manners.

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