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How much does it cost to build a Mobile Application?

Are you planning to create a mobile app? This is the right place to get detailed information on what factors should be considered while developing a mobile app and what is the cost of a mobile application.

Before jumping on the bandwagon, you need to determine the location of the application. The needs of the general public or the user’s demands need to be deeply understood, and this analysis can answer many questions.

To understand the cost of mobile app development in India, you need to understand different mobile app factors. These factors play a very specific role in mobile application design. A mobile application is a simple calculation of costs, i.e.,

Application Cost = Development Time X Hourly Development Rate

Creating an app on the platform can attract many investments, and bulk investments result in greater risk.

This problem can be controlled by choosing one platform to create an application and then creating another application for a different platform after returning the profit. This will also determine the cost of your mobile application.

Online or offline app

Online application costs more than offline application. In earlier times, an internet-based application costs a lot, but backend technology like firebase, app design and development has become cheaper.

Number of features

The beauty of an app depends on the features you add to it, and the more features you add, the more you have to invest.

Instead what you can do is bring updates in version format and gradually increase ROI while working on cheap mobile application development in India.

Number of screens

Backend plays the most essential role in any application as it stores data, manages information and credentials etc.

The front-end sometimes seems straightforward, but the back-end becomes complicated, and a lot of investment becomes expensive for the app owner.

Thus, you should not compromise with the backend complexity while determine the cost of cheap mobile application development in India.

UI, animation, special effects

An app in which great animations, gestures and special effects attract high investment and thus, gaming apps are the most expensive during construction.

Who should you hire for app development?

The hiring process is not part of the cost calculator, but it is also an integral part of it if we look at the total price of mobile applications in India. For example, hiring a freelancer from your native will cost you more than if you outsource the project. 

Outsourcing can also be expensive if you don’t do in-depth research, but hiring a dedicated developer from a company usually will give you more benefits and help you get cheap mobile application development in India from their experience. 

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