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How Mobile Apps Can Enhance Customer Engagement in the B2C Market?

Mobile apps are a great way for your company to increase customer engagement. The process of creating an application is not difficult and can be huge for your company.

Increasing customer engagement will give you good long-term growth for your business and will not force you to pay for it nose to nose.

Big companies are investing heavily in these mobile apps to increase their profit margins. They can use their existing customers and increase the ROI on customer relationships that they already have.

The article focuses on how to increase engagement in the B2C market and start engaging customers through mobile apps.

1. Extended time

People spend about three and a half hours on their phones every day because the average time to wake up is 15 hours. This means that 20% of a person’s day is spent on the phone. Television is the only thing on which we spend our time after our mobile phones. 

Because of this, companies have a huge opportunity to connect with their customers in mobile applications. The time spent on the phone is huge, and companies can gain a lot by focusing their marketing efforts on this resource.

The companies in the B2C markets are now investing to increase engagement with mobile apps. 

2. Customers are more focused

Nearly half of users in mobile apps are less willing to make purchases and compare with other competitors when using your company’s mobile app.

By focusing more on your companies, the mobile app allows them to buy the products you’re your brand rather than buying from your competitor. This can build a strong relationship between the customer and you.

It can also increase offline purchases as a stronger link is formed between your brands and your buyers. 

Maybe your mobile app sales will outperform your desktop or offline sales, which will definitely help offset the cost of creating the app and not exceed it initially.

3. Intuitive UI/UX

Intuitive UI/UX design helps businesses to create meaningful app experiences to increase engagement and boost conversion. As per the reports, the customers use mobile applications for 85% of their smartphone usage time.

With millions of apps, you must provide an intuitive interface that is easy to grab the attention and enable the users to see the value of your app. If they fail to figure out what your app is about, they will head straight to the uninstall button.

To ensure easy to understand structure, work on the framework and prototypes to figure out the look and feel of your application. Change your layouts and accompanying text so your users immediately know your services and products.

A simplified design with easy navigation can be a real game changer to enhance customer engagement. 

4. Push notification

With lots of your customers on their phones, push notifications sent through the app are more compelling. You can set automatic push notifications when the client initiates certain actions. These actions may include the following.

  • Add or remove products from their cart
  • Long time between mobile app usage
  • Personal data input by a user

These push notifications may relate to the work they do in the app or other data collected by your mobile app. This is how you can use mobile apps to increase customer engagement and relevance.

5. Data Collection

As customers spend more time on mobile apps, you’ll be able to collect better data from them. These analytics will help you shape the user experience to increase sales and customer retention.

This data collection is designed to increase sales and retention, but it is also much less expensive than other forms of data collection. One study found that mobile app data collection is about 70% less expensive than other types of data collection.


Starting your mobile app customer engagement journey can be one of the best things you can do for your business. It would help if you started taking time to create an amazing user experience, which will increase profitability and ensure long-term profitability.

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